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Title: Baby Doll Diner  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: D-
Extras: D-
A/V Quality: B


Baby Doll Diner
116 Mins.
Baby Doll Pictures
DIRECTOR: Rick Davis
THEMES: Barely Legal girls
STARS: Jordan Fliess, Veronica Lynn, Jordan Haze, Samantha Slater, Mica,
Jessica Sweet
Reviewed by: Arnon


I had high hopes for this movie. I am a fan of barely legal girls after all. Unfortunately the horrible production values ruined what may have been a decent porno. The girls were mostly hot, and the guys were mostly decent. Plus the sex, though formulaic, wasn't too bad. What made it suck was the sets, which were blatantly on a very tiny stage and shot so you could see past them onto said stage, and the sound, which was far off and echoey, so you couldn't hear a word being said. And did I mention the video quality, which was grainy and slightly fuzzy? I didn't? Hmm...

The flick starts off with Jordan Fliess at the counter in a diner, which amazingly enough looks just like a movie set. Jordan's a very cute girl with auburn hair and a very petite body. She roller skates over to her customer (who's a not very good looking guy) and takes his order. After some unintelligible banter the two leave and end up in another shitty looking set, with some walls and a couch. Jordan has a very nice, shaved pussy that they take turns playing with on the couch. They don't waste any time and she mounts him rcg on the couch with plenty of close-ups. Unfortunately the horrible production value haunts this scene, as with all the others. During some of the low shots you can see where the walls end on the top. They go through a few more positions including anal on her side and knees and he unloads on her face. This was the first scene I've watched in a long time that didn't have any oral sex. Not that it would've saved it.

The next girl, in the same shitty diner, is Mica, a black girl who I don't find hugely attractive. Her customer is a fat, balding, ugly guy. They take off and wind up on a different couch in another crappy room, which is even crappier than the first one. This time the guy gets a blowjob, but he's really nasty so it wasn't fun to watch. They go through the same ol' same ol' on the couch, strictly vaginal, and he unloads into her mouth. Next!

Jordan Haze is in the same damn scenario as everyone else, except she's in a crappy looking bedroom. At least the guy she's with is a buff good-looking guy. They spend plenty of time getting naked and kissing, with lots of shots of those walls that end too soon. This time Jordan gets some oral lovin' while he spends plenty of time licking her pussy, and doing a fine job of it. They switch roles and Jordan doesn't disappoint giving a fantastic looking blowjob. They go through quite a few positions, and the chemistry that they have is really nice. It's almost erotic in more than a physical sense. In the end he unloads onto her tongue and she sucks the remains off of his cock. The best scene in the movie, hands down.

The next 3 scenes are basically the exact same as the first three. The three girls are relatively hot, although Veronica Lynn stands out especially. She's a petite Asian girl with a super hot body and a mouth like a sailor which you can't help but respect. Other than that, it's the same crappy diner scene where each girl meets a guy, then they go to some crappy looking stage to have sex. Nothing too terrific. This movie is barely a renter, if that. There's much better out there.



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