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Title: Truly Nice Ass 6  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Truly Nice Ass #6
111 Mins.
THEMES: Ass worship, anal sex, threesomes, nice asses
STARS: Katja Kassin, Friday, Jennifer, Luisa Rosso, Nikol, Janny, Joel Lawrence, Bruno, Thomas Stone, K.K., Joe Monti, George, Robert Rosenberg
Reviewed by: Mars

While anal action has taken a firm hold on the porn industry it often seems like it's just a marketed feature instead of a labor of love. Ass fucking, the act itself, is mechanical, done without appreciation for the vessel. Bryan Xin, however, seems truly pleased with women's butts. He enjoys looking at them and has chosen women who have nice ones. This is his passion but it is also one of the problems of the movie. Each scene starts with many minutes of close up ass footage as the woman shows it, shakes it, and spanks it. It's supposed to be a build up, but the length of time is suited to ass-fetishists more than average-ass-lookers. The show leads to sex with one or two guys and things are standard porn fare. Blow-jobs, fucking, and anal action. The anal isn't the only thing but there's a lot of it, which isn't bad. However, Xin falls into the far-too-common trap in porn, the extended close up. Minutes upon minutes are spent watching one square foot of the actors' groin regions. Mr. Xin didn't make up this problem, it is a hideous plague in porn, but he indulges in it so much that one scene after another becomes boring. There are good parts but the close ups really drag the movie overall.

With that in mind, let's look at the principles. Katja gets the first scene and she's a knockout. Pretty, exotic face, tan bod, excellent legs and round ass. She spends time showing that rear to the camera, with wiggling and a bit of Lucite-dildo play. Joel Lawrence comes in to add his cock into the mix. He's a good performer and the two of them spark pretty well. Katja uses her tongue and lips to good effect and growls in a sultry way to make things heat up. They fuck a bit before moving into a good 69 and then getting to the anal action. Joel and Katja work well together and keep things interesting. It's one of the better scenes.

Jennifer is a natural looking beauty. She's not dolled up like a porn star but has a good face, small tits, and a taut butt. She's also got a lot of razor bumps but we'll let it slide. Again we get a long show and then two guys showing up. And once again the tendency is for Xin to shoot footage at very close range. The guys work her over in several positions, making use of her mouth as they go. The anal action is all right. On the whole the scene is forgettable but not painful.

Luisa is next on the block and she's another non-porn star looker. We get a long look at the pimples on her butt as she shows off and uses a big Lucite plug in her hole. Another pair of guys come in to cock-jock her and they start well. Luisa can suck cock well and the men keep talking so things are simmering. Luisa is generally sexy but not much of a presence in the scene. She isn't playing to the audience much even though she appears to be into the action. There is a lot of swapping around with anal, ATM, and D.P. which Luisa takes in stride. Not bad.

Nikol is a blonde with a round butt, a slender body and sausage fingers. We get a lot of solo ass time with her and some toys and don't see her face for five minutes. I kid you not. That right there is the prime example of what's wrong with the disc. Eventually we jump cut to a guy roughly fingering her ass. He eats her out with gusto if not grace, and jumps into some mish fucking. This scene is populated with artless performers. They are not connected at all and are just pounding away for the paycheck. The action is sweaty but not alluring, the vocals are repetitive and dull. The action is just boring.

Janny has a great pair of legs that are topped with a fine rear. She's a tawny girl who shows off and gets her ass oiled and rubbed. A couple of men slide into view and she sucks cock very well. Her tits are large and natural, her curves are fantastic. As one of the cock-jocks says "She looks like a real woman." I agree. Add to that the fact that we get good action from them all and a good view or two. Janny gets D.P.'d but ends up cracking the good time feeling by getting a little distressed over her fucking. Seems that the anal action is a bit much for her and she's soldiering on to get through it. Too bad, it was going so well.

To end it we get Friday. A busty, curvy, blonde who has the quintessential porn-starlet look. I fucking love it. Big ol' implants, solid legs and ass. Sometimes the cookie cutter starlet look is dull, but Friday manages to make it look very sexy.
Unfortunately Xin doesn't seem to share my view and cheats us of many full body views of Friday. Instead we get a boring sequence of ass shots as she plays with a Lucite toy in preparation for Joel. He comes in and eats her well and the two of them are nicely playful together. Pros. They work well and fuck good. Friday has a good time and gives a good show as Joel pumps her sideways, from behind, and in all her holes. This scene and the first are the best and it's no fluke that Joel Lawrence is in both of them.

Overall: The repetition of boring sequences and the lack of full and medium shots really brings this disc down. The action isn't at all innovative. Xin tries to inject a personal touch to it by giving us so much ass time but it doesn't translate as lustful indulgence. He needs more passion to make it work (see Christoph Clark for that).

Extras include a behind the scenes, solo scenes, a photo gallery, cum shot reel, URLs, and three trailers. Not bad.



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