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Title: Girls on Parade  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: n/a
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: D-
A/V Quality: A


Girls On Parade
113 Mins.
Cherry Rain Productions
DIRECTOR: Cherry Rain
THEMES: Natural breasts, all-girl, group sex
STARS: Fallon Summers, Lauren Phoenix, Jessica Darlin, Jamie Brooks, Charlie Laine, Sandra Shine, Ashley Blue, Kelly Marie, Sarah Blue, Betty Sue, August, Mellisa, Justine, Nadia, Cherry Rain
Reviewed by: Mars

Having cut her teeth with Ed Powers in the Dirty Debutante series, Cherry Rain is proving herself to be an adept little director. This petite and extremely cute red-head has provided us with a solid girl-girl disc that has hot action and very pretty women. There are a couple of average scenes, where the energy doesn't quite get up to speed, but the majority of the segments are full of enthusiasm and sexy set-ups. Add to that very competent camera work that allows us to see the women in full and close up and Ms. Rain serves up a worthwhile veggie tale.

The flick starts with an attempt at a vignette with Lauren describing a lingerie store encounter to Jessica. It ends with them getting naked and nasty with each other. Of course. Jessica goes down on Lauren who has a fine natural body that responds well to Jessica's talented tongue. They swap and Lauren tongue fucks Jessica's ass very well. She then straps one on to pound Jess doggy style. That's not bad at all, Lauren strokes her strong and sexy and we get to see it all. Lauren is passionate throughout, playing with Jessica's ass and then getting fucked with the strap on later. She's into it and Jessica plays along. It ends with Lauren riding reverse cowgirl anal on the strap on. It's a fine ride and a good end to a decent scene.

The next segment is a trio of very hot girls. They have on classy lingerie and look like a catalog shoot gone x-rated, much to my delight. Charlie is a red head with an excellent ass who gets most of the attention from the other two. She's stripped and eaten and groped. It's all very breathy lesbian stuff but manages to be intense and sexy at the same time. The three chain up with Kelly (a good looking blonde) on her knees eating Charlie, who is laying back so Justine (another looker) can sit on her face. Kelly takes to fingering herself deep as she licks and the whole thing is caught well on camera. They continue cooing and caressing with deep kisses to end things. The scene skirts the edge of soft-focus porn but manages to be a hot time. Good stuff.

Cherry Rain, with her pixie looks and lithe body, takes a turn in front of the camera with Fallon, another pretty girl. Cherry is honestly enthusiastic about women. She likes doing them. From this scene, however, the same can't be said about Fallon. Cherry is doing her best to put on a good performance and Fallon just can't match it. Don't get me wrong, she's not just looking bored, but there's a spark missing that affects the whole scene. The views are good but the action isn't very dynamic. They take turns eating each other out and a rubber dildo gets added into the mix. Cherry has a good ride on it on all fours, backing into it as Fallon holds it in place. Not terrible, but not the most exciting.

That brings us to the best scene of the bunch. It's a four way with another gaggle of cute natural women. They get right to the groping and stripping and from the start the attitude is one of fun. Ashley is all smiles as she paws at Betty and Nadia and Jamie kiss deeply. They all take turns being the focus of attention and it works very well. Betty is the first, sitting down with her legs up so the others can finger her and then fuck her cunt with a dildo. She's a hottie with very nice tits and we get to drink her in. Nadia gets on all fours to take a toy in the ass and get some tonguing. She's a short haired, tan girl with elfin features and we get nice close ups of her face several times as she's getting plugged. Ashley gets on her shoulders for a piledriver anal play with a lot of fingers. She's into it and gives a good show. And to round it out Jamie gets on all fours and Ashley and Betty fuck both ends with strap ons. Betty really gets into it, grabbing the girl's hips and fucking her hard. The whole scene is a hot one.

We go international with a pair of blonde Czechs, Mellisa and Sarah, who get into it in a bathroom with a large tub. This is another low energy scene. The girls are at a 7 out of 10 on the enthusiasm scale, giving a decent show but not too far above average. They eat each other out and slide into the bath to sex up with a vibe and a double dildo. Sarah, it should be mentioned, has a dumb cobra tattoo just above her pussy. They're good looking women of the interchangeable-bottle-blonde-porn-starlet type. It's almost difficult to tell them apart. To end it they move into the shower for some stand-up pussy licking and fingering which doesn't suck. Unimpressive but workmanlike.

To end it we get another winner. August, an exotic, tan beauty with a fantastic ass, and Sandra, a pale brunette with a body that won't quit and excellent tits star in this one. It's worth mentioning that the lighting is really good in this scene. It's not often that the lighting is noticeable in porn, but there it is. Anyway, they grope and start things off on the stairs, giving the camera an eyeful as they get sexy with each other. It gets really good though when they're on a large sheepskin spread out on a pool table. The views are absolutely excellent and we don't miss a thing with these stunning women. August (a rising talent) makes great noises as Sandra works her pussy over with tongue and fingers. Sandra gets her turn and they finish off by sharing a double dildo very, very well. The scene is a great end to the disc.

Overall: Some of the scenes didn't live up to the others, but the ones that were winners were well above average. The lezzie action isn't raw and sweaty but it isn't all soft-focus, feather-touch bullshit either. Cherry manages to get her girls to give sweetly sexy performances while still doing convincing sex acts. And it's hard to say enough good things about the camera angles and editing. In this time of overused close-ups Cherry does an excellent job of mixing close, medium, and long shots to show us a scene. Good job, lady, I hope to see more.

Extras are nonexistent. There is a chapter search and that's it.




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