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Title: Creampie Cuties 1  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: n/a
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Creampie Cuties #1
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman

Movie Type: Gonzo
Length: 111 minutes
Studio: Ghost Pro
Director: Tony Porno
Themes: Gonzo with internal cumshots
Condoms: None

Stars: Holly, Deecee, Jade, Trixie Swallows, Eden, Celeste, Clarissa


As the theme of this vid is internal cumshots, raincoats are pleasantly absent throughout the filming. The DVD has a nice compilation of girls, most of whom are fairly hot but none of whom I'd consider stunningly beautiful. There's enough good stuff to wank to on this collection, but there are one or two duds here to avoid.

Scene 1: Holly

Holly's got the trailer-trash teen look going in a little halter top and tight shorts. Her pigtailed hair adds a bit to the fantasy of fucking a schoolgirl, though this Lolita looks anything but innocent. The scene debuts with some foreplay as the guy feels her up, takes off her top, bends her over for the camera, and so forth. She has a nice lithe body and a cleanly-shaven cunt. I dig this girl except her face is a little blah and the tat on her back is sketchy. She gives the dude a BJ and sucks his balls before he reams her twat doggystyle. Her moaning is a tad annoying. They continue in doggy for several minutes before she cowgirls him. There's a distinct lack of variety in camera angles here. It's like they set up a tripod and went on a coffee break. They take a break from fucking for her to suck him off a bit before moving on to reverse cowgirl and then a jump cut to missionary. It is in this position that he deposits his seed in her cunt. Here, we get a few more angles and some better camera work than before. As to be expected with a creampie flick, he blows it up her twat and we get to watch it drip out a bit.

Scene 2: Deecee

Deecee looks trashy. She's dressed in white pantyhose, a white thong panty, black miniskirt, and lacy white halter top. She's a thin girl with blonde hair and a fairly cute face. I don't like the piercings on her right eyelid and eyebrow. If you like sketchy girls, you'll like her though. She opens with a blowjob, on her knees. She does a good job of trying to look at the camera now and then, but I think eye contact is better when shot POV. The fucking begins with doggy vag. The cam gives us several different views (the best being the aerial shot from a ladder). Deecee has a nice little ass and she keeps her pantyhose on throughout the scene, which I found hot. They move through some variations on the cowgirl concept before he shoots it up her hole in the missionary position so we can watch it drip out.

Scene 3: Jade

Jade's an exotic Asian beauty in a tight package. She begins the scene buck naked on the bed showing off her wares to the cam. Her face is really beautiful but her tits are a little droopy. We get an excellent POV angle of the blowjob as she drops to her knees and sucks for all she's worth. Someone needs to teach this girl to look up a bit more as she sucks cock. She does make eye contact now and then, and when she does it's great, but more is better. The cam also gives us a side angle later in the blowjob, giving us a nice view of her gorgeous slim body. Doggystyle with Jade is truly lovely. He tosses it in there to the hilt and she takes it all the way with her ass sticking up high in the air. When she cowgirls him she gyrates her ass around from side to side, which is sexy as hell. As is customary on this DVD, the cumshot takes place in the missionary position. This was my favorite scene of the film.

Scene 4: Trixie Swallows

Trixie's the cover girl of this film. She has a huge artificial rack as you'll notice on the box cover, as well as pronounced muscularity in her arms and upper back that indicates she goes to the gym more than most. The scene begins outdoors with Trixie walking toward the camera wearing a short miniskirt and tight top and some crazy 6-inch or more stiletto heels. She greets us with a "hi" and pulls up her skirt to play with her cunny. She continues to tease us for a while, slowly disrobing before our guy presses her against the wall, bends her over, and fucks her cunt. I kept expecting more to happen, like he was going to take her inside the house and try a few other positions, but he blew his load in about two minutes from the time he started fucking her. This scene is really short and the first on this disc to feature the cumshot in a non-missionary position.

Scene 5: Eden

Eden's a very slim and sexy black girl. She seems a little shy (see her feature in the behind the scenes section if you don't believe me). He begins by fucking her face before shoving it up her cunt doggystyle. She's got a great slim body with a slightly pert ass that bounces a little as he slams it home in this position. Resigning herself to the drilling, she flops forward on the bed, leaving her ass sky high for his and our viewing pleasure. Another missionary position internal cumshot closes this scene, as Eden appears happy it's all over. Hot girl, nice scene.

Scene 6: Celeste

Celeste, the name brings back memories of THE Celeste from the 90s. This Celeste is a slim white girl with an average face. The scene opens with a blowjob followed by a missionary and then doggy fuck. He is pretty aggressive with her as he fucks her and we get some good views of the action. It's especially hot when he grabs and pulls her long (waist length) hair as he fucks her from behind. They go back to missionary to complete the scene and he dumps one in her slot for the world to see. I didn't find much to write home about in this scene. Mediocrity.

Scene 7: Clarissa

This girl's too heavy for my liking. You can see it in her waist and her shoulders. Her bleached blonde hair and large hoop earrings are about as trashy as it gets and if it weren't for the hard work of the make-up crew, I don't think I'd give this girl a second look if I saw her on the street. In her tight pink top and black mini, she drops to her knees and sucks dick, mostly with her eyes closed. Pretty soon he starts to fuck her doggystyle. Her very plump ass cushions the pushing, but the ripple effect in her flabby rolls had me reaching for the vomit bag. Some of you like 'em kreftig - to each his own - but the only rolls I want to see is the one parked in Jay-Z's garage. A missionary position internal cumshot closes he scene.


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