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Title: 4x4 Leather & Lace Gang Bang 6  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


4x4 Leather & Lace Gang Bang #6
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman
Overall Rating: B
Female Looks: B
Male Looks: C
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: N/A
Extras: Trailers, photo gallery, biographies, web ad, behind
the scenes, masturbation clips.
A/V Quality: B-
Movie Type: Gonzo
Length: 140 minutes
Studio: Evasive Angles
Themes: Interracial gang-bang
Condoms: None

Stars: Hailey, Arianna, Holly, Lorena


The theme here is simple. Take a bunch of black guys and feed them a white chick one at a time, and see what happens. Well, I think we all know what will happen... The title 4x4 comes from the fact that each scene has four black guys and one white chick, and that there are four scenes. There''s plenty of variety in sexual positions and camera angles, but I found the ever-changing sound volume to be a major drawback. It seems the only microphone used was on the camera itself - hence close-up scenes are loud and distance shots are virtually impossible to hear.

Scene 1:

Hailey and four black guys. Hailey is the cover girl on the box. She begins the scene dressed as she is in the cover pic, with her black and red corset and fishnet stockings. Her bio says she''s 5 feet tall and weighs 105 lbs. This girl has a very beautiful face that looks better on film than it does on the box cover. Her studded choker is hot. She''s seated on the sofa and toying with herself with a silver dildo. She begins by sucking on it and diddling her twat with it. Her ass must have been all lubed up already because it slips in and out of her bunghole nicely.

The guys start in on Hailey by shoving four hard dicks at her face and making her suck. No, not all four at once - that''d be impossible with these massive members - but they plug her tight mouth with their cocks. The guys are aggressive and demanding with her. The fucking begins as they flip her onto the sofa for some doggy vag and throat fucking. They move on to reverse cowgirl anal, as she services one guy after another. Positions change too frequently to list them all in these scenes, but let me say we get to watch this chick take it in every hole in just about every position. Hailey receives four protein-packed facials to end the scene.

Scene 2:

Arianna and four black guys. Arianna''s bio says she''s 5''2" tall and weight 105 lbs. I''d peg her slightly heavier than 105, but she''s not too bad. A reasonably cute raven-haired slut, Arianna looks good in her black corset with pink stockings and pink panties. The tat on her right bicep is ghetto. This slut plays with herself briefly for starters, fingering her cunt and ass with a vengeance before bringing out a funky pink dildo to suck on. Just as she''s getting into the dil, the guys step up to the plate and offer up four hard-ons for her to nibble on.

They follow roughly the same formula in this scene as with the prior one featuring Hailey. They get her on the sofa and fuck her cunt doggystyle while she sucks dick, then move on to other positions such as reverse cowgirl (anal) and some hardcore DPs. The more I watched this scene the better I felt about Arianna''s looks. At first I was not too impressed but she is kinda hot after all. Four facials close the deal.

Scene 3:

Holly and four black guys. Holly''s really beautiful - and British, to boot. She''s 5''7" tall and weighs 125 lbs according to her bio. Her beautiful face and sexy blonde hair are great to stroke off to. Her sexy black teddy and black stockings are fine as hell. She seems a little spaced out, but I love her British accent when she talks. We begin with her doing a little solo on the sofa while fielding some personal questions from the cameraman.

This chick''s gorgeous face is perfect for giving BJs. The cocks these guys have are pretty unbelievable, and she uses a technique of sucking a cock while stroking one with each of her hands that''s extremely sexy. There''s something particularly hot about watching a girl give a blowjob when you know she''s about to get fucked hard. And that''s what happens next.

They bend her over on the sofa and ream her cunt from behind while she sucks dick. This is hot and fun to watch for a while. The interesting thing about this scene is that when they try to DP her, they''re unable to. She''s too tight. Unable to DP her, there are usually three cocks in her face for most of the duration of this scene as only one lucky guy can be inside of her at once. As before, four facials close the scene.

Scene 4:

Lorena and four black guys. Lorena''s the least attractive girl on this compilation. She''s a little plump, which can be attributed to her Brazilian origin. She''s 5''4", 125 lbs according to her bio. She''s not ugly, just not that hot. This scene takes place outdoors, where they''ve placed a couch on the patio. In her fishnet stockings and red and black lace bustier, Lorena shows off her body a bit to the camera and reveals the inner folds of her cunt to us before shoving a purple dil up her ass. Sucking on it lovingly is good practice for the suckfest she''s about to experience as four megacocks pound in and out of her mouth incessantly. They fuck her reverse cowgirl as she sucks dick, pound her ass doggystyle as she sucks dick, and DP her as she sucks dick.

As with all the scenes on this compilation, there are too many positions to list them all. But they work her over well and completely destroy her holes with their cocks. Four facials close the scene. This scene was a bit of a downer to me after seeing some pretty hot girls earlier in the film.


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