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Title: Violation of Jewel Valmont  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: n/a
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


The Violation of Jewel Valmont
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman

Movie Type: Lesbian gang bang
Length: 83 minutes
Studio: JM Productions
Director: Jim Powers
Themes: All-girl, gang bang.
Condoms: N/A

Stars: Jewel Valmont, Mazzy Paige, Love Lee, Layla Jade, Vivi Anne, Jezaree Robs, Maren Beautte, Cherry Mirage, Gwen Summers

No technical problems here. Good lighting, a variety of angles, adequate sound, and a sharp picture prevent any issues in the A/V department.

This flick is set at a girls'' school. No doubt it''s supposed to be high school, but the girls are in that ambiguous late teens, early twenties age bracket where it''s hard to determine how old they are. High schoolers, they are not.

We begin with Gwen Summers and Cherry Mirage, who have been bad girls and are awaiting punishment in the director''s office. They''re seated, patiently awaiting the director''s arrival, but their patience wears thin and Cherry begins to play with herself. Not wanting to be left out of the action, Gwen (gorgeous in this schoolgirl role) begins to diddle herself. Both are dressed in sexy schoolgirl outfits and we get nice views of their long legs and Gwen''s sexy pantyhose. They stroke their white panties and we get some hot close-up views here. Their solo play bores them after a while and Cherry spreads herself out on the director''s desk to put on a little show for Gwen. Gwen joins the action and starts to finger Cherry''s cunt before licking it. By now these shameless sexpots have completely forgotten they''re in the director''s office and the sex becomes more uninhibited and aggressive. The sluts swap positions and Cherry eats out Gwen, who looks absolutely stunning. Gwen''s top and bra come off and Cherry licks her tits, then Gwen removes Cherry''s top and bra and reciprocates.

They continue to play with each other and eat each other out, Cherry now fully disrobed and Gwen soon to follow (so sexy as she strips off her panties). We get some nice camera angles of the girls fucking on the desk, including a high aerial shot that works perfectly. Suddenly, Jewel Valmont (their teacher or director, I''m not sure and it doesn''t really matter) walks in and is pissed. Jewel yells at them and spanks them hard with a rod (well, the spanking is actually faked I''m sure, but it''s the fantasy that''s important). Jewel looks gorgeous. She''s dressed in a sexy red top and her hair, glasses, and makeup are done to perfection to give her that tough-as-nails strict teacher look that absolutely begs to get a hardcore fucking. She lives up to her billing as the namesake of this film.

The film abruptly shifts to the classroom, where the girls are waiting for class to begin. They talk amongst themselves for a while before their teacher, Jewel, walks in. She exudes sex and confidence as she talks in a condescending, demeaning fashion to the girls. Everything about her screams sex. I don''t know much about Jewel, but I hope she likes cock too, because I''d love to stick it to her (or at least see her getting it stuck to her in a m/f scene).

The girls get sick and tired of Jewel''s authoritarianism. She cracks the whip one too many times and the girls rebel. They grab her and throw her on her desk, ripping her clothes off in the process. They give her a good spanking as retribution for her earlier punishment of Cherry and Gwen. Their unwilling teacher is forced to endure a hearty sampling of cunt licking - both getting hers licked and having others shoved in her face.

Pretty soon Jewel resigns herself to the situation and begins to play along by licking twats when they''re shoved in her face and not physically resisting the onslaught awaiting her nether regions. There''s a whole lotta lickin'' going on here, but some of the best is when Gwen plops her cunt down right on Jewel''s face, demanding payback for Jewel''s earlier behavior.

Dildos appear from nowhere and are shoved deep into Jewel''s cunt. We get some nice close-ups of this before the girls flip Jewel over onto her stomach and shove the dildo in her cunt from a doggystyle angle. Some of the things they do to her look really painful. I''m sure they used plenty of lube backstage to prep her and the devices they shoved into her, but the flick effectively gives us the feeling that Jewel''s being, well... violated.

To top off the violation, the girls have a double-pronged dildo that looks vicious. As you can guess, one end goes in the ass, the other the cunt. And when you''ve got what seems like dozens of crazed young girls mercilessly shoving it in and out, it''s convincingly painful looking.

You think that''s all they have in store for Jewel? Nah. Bring out the strap-ons! They hammer her with some semi-realistic looking strap-ons in every hole. I''m not a big fan of strap-ons, but if you are, let it be known that they give her a solid pounding.

The final, most degrading moment of the film is when the girls pick up a desk (you know the classic four-legged chair-with-attached-desk they have at school) and ram its leg in and out of her cunt. When I first saw this, I thought "whoa, that''s just dangerous," but then I realized they had covered the leg of the desk with a rubber dildo, so it''s not as wrong as it seems at first.

To top it all off, Jewel''s bent over the desk at the end with her sexy ass sticking up into the air, with a USA flag sticking out of her twat as the girls recite the Pledge of Allegiance. They then giggle and walk away, leaving Jewel semi-conscious, sprawled on her desk. I must say I thought the ending was really hot, but I am a little perturbed about the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in these circumstances. I''m proud to be an American, but this is one of the most demented exhibitions of patriotism I''ve ever seen.

That said, this flick is hot, Jewel Valmont is gorgeous and gives an excellent performance, and I give this film a strong recommendation to fans of the genre.


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