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Title: Double Teamed 3  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Double Teamed #3
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman
Movie Type: Gonzo
Length: 115 minutes
Studio: Digital Sin
Director: Axel Braun
Themes: Three on one, double penetration
Condoms: None
Stars: Avy Lee Roth, Chanel Chavez, Katin, Trinity James, Tyla Wynn

I found no technical problems with this DVD. Lighting was effective, sound levels were appropriate, and video quality was very sharp. The girls were attractive but not stunning. The sex was hot, but it became a bit repetitive near the end seeing the same cycle of positions repeated again and again. This title lives up to its name, never veering from the focus of DPs. The bonus scene was hotter than any of the five main scenes in this title.

Scene 1: Avy Lee Roth and two guys. The makers of the film want to make sure that we know that Avy is the illegitimate daughter of rocker David Lee Roth. Whatever, I guess this makes her some kind of forbidden fruit or something? She's a hot raven-haired chick with a Spanish accent. She's a little thick, so those of you who prefer waifish twat like Taylor Rain may not find this scene appealing. The scene starts with her sucking two guys off on a couch. She's wearing a little pink, stringy bra and thong panties that barely cover her voluptuous assets. This girl has a foul moth and seems devoid of sexual inhibitions. Her wild-child personal is accentuated by the floral tattoo on her left shoulder (it's kind of trashy, but goes nicely with the flower she wears in her hair). The scene progresses to some doggy (vaginal) from behind as she sucks off the other guy. They remain in this position for some time before she reverse cowgirls one dude while the other fucks her face. They proceed as such until the guys double team her cunt. This doesn't last long before they flip her over and work her from behind at the same time, again double vaginal. The guys then swap roles and basically repeat what I've described so far. The scene culminates in a double facial - no swallowing - on Avy's pretty mug.

Scene 2:

Tyla Wynn and two guys. We begin with Tyla sitting on a sofa, dressed as a naughty teen playing with a teddy bear. She looks a little old to be playing with a teddy bear, so the schoolgirl fantasy isn't too convincing, but she's got a smokin' hot bod that begs for cock. The guys get right to business fucking her face mercilessly. I almost felt like I was watching one of those "slap happy" or "gag factor" series for a moment. Her lithe body is beautiful and it's a sight to behold when they flip her over and we see her tight ass clad in her skintight panties. She gets on her knees and does a good long double blowjob before getting bent over for (what seems to be par for the course on this DVD) some simultaneous doggy vag and throat fucking. When it comes time for the DP, these guys really stick it to her. She takes one in the ass and one in her cunt - hard. This girl isn't shy about the ATM, either. I love the aggression in this scene. They toss her around and objectify her at every turn. Her slutty demeanor enhances the piece-of-crap-whore fantasy. As with the previous scene, we end with a double facial. There seems to be small amount of swallowing in this scene.

Scene 3:

Trinity James and two guys. We begin with Trinity (a rather sexy blonde) leaning over a billiards table, amusing herself by stroking the balls (billiard balls, that is). Our dynamic male duo grabs her and, receiving no objections from their prey, ravages her face in an aggressive double blowjob. Her barely-there black minidress is quickly peeled off to reveal her sizeable tits as the guys rail on her throat. Soon they throw her onto the sofa where they continue to follow this DVD's format of one cock in the mouth, one in the south. The guys rotate through a couple positions with her - doggy anal, reverse cowgirl anal, DP, etc., building towards two climactic facials. No swallowing here.

Scene 4:

Katin and two guys. Katin's a slightly thick, but hot brown-haired beauty. She has gorgeous eyes and wears a lot of makeup, making her look like a really classy slut. I've always enjoyed watching girls getting fucked with their lingerie on, so this scene really struck a chord with me as she keeps her sexy black stockings on. The scene opens with her leaning back on a couch, sucking dick while getting eaten out by another guy. Soon one guy is fucking her face relentlessly while the other bangs her missionary style. Flipped over, she cowgirls the one guy while the other doggy's her ass. She has a nice, plump ass. She's one of those girls I'd love to fuck around with but wouldn't want to marry because she's likely to become a heifer one day. These guys really pound her as they DP her. She takes it in every hole except her ears. At one point the guys hoist her into the air and one fucks her cunt while the other rails on her sphincter. It's extremely sexy. ATM? No worries, this girl has no qualms. The ending to this scene is HOT! One guy comes straight in her mouth and I didn't see any spitting. A true swallower. The other guy's aim isn't quite as good, landing some in her eye. A good ending to a hot scene.

Scene 5:

Chanel Chavez and two guys. Chanel, a little Latina with a pert rack, begins the scene seated on the sofa, clad in a bust-accentuating black top, sandwiched between two horny bastards with their cocks at full mast. She gives a very attentive, loving blowjob to both, featuring some nice ball-sucking and shaft-licking. After removing her black panties, one guy fucks her twat doggy as she sucks the other guy. Next up is reverse cowgirl (vaginal) with blowjob. Her tiny body is on full display in this position, giving us an excellent view of her cunt - and soon her ass - receiving every inch of her partner's love. They DP her hard, one in each hole, with her seated on the sofa. It looks like she's enduring it more than enjoying it, though it doesn't detract much from the scene and many viewers like it when the girl doesn't enjoy it. We're also treated to some nice views of her in regular cowgirl, riding one of the guys on the sofa. She gyrates her ass at times when he's fully inside of her, which is extremely hot. We don't have to wait long before horny bastard #2 joins the fray to ravage her asshole. By this time she seems to be either turned on, or in pain, so the guys frig her for a while to give her some pleasure. There's some extremely hot missionary vag with her spread across the back of the sofa and the guy fucking her from behind the sofa. Both guys get their chance at her in this state while the other fucks her face. The scene culminates in a double facial with partial swallowing.


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