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Title: Meat Grinders  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C-
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


110 Mins.
Powersville Inc.
DIRECTOR: Jim Powers
THEMES: College Girls, Interracial Sex, All Girl, Rough, Domination, DP, Anal,
STARS: Victoria Sin, Gia Paloma, Pason, Lil Bit More, Dirty Harry, Chris Charming, Andrew Rivera, Steve Holmes
Reviewed by: Arnon


I have extremely mixed feelings about this movie. It's got 4 gonzo girls in it, though of only average looks, that are perfectly willing to take every inch up the ass and give bj's like champs. Sounds like a good movie, right? Well, call that movie Meat Grinders, a rather sick term in this context, throw pictures of raw hamburger and kielbasa sausages on the cover, then show the girls eating said sausage off the floor like dogs or trapped in plastic bags, and the whole thing goes to shit. I mean, the sex was pretty good, but the surrounding elements made it difficult to watch, and certainly not erotic.

The flick starts off with Victoria Sinn in a tool shop area trapped inside a plastic bag. It looks like one of those bed in a bag things. Anyway, she's pant less and masturbating furiously while moaning the whole time, though I'm not sure what the turn on is of being trapped inside plastic. A balding, older guy enters and holds what looks like a 15" kielbasa outside the plastic bag while she tries to gnaw on it. He then unleashes his own sausage and teases her with that. He moves between her legs (he's not that good-looking either) and eats her pussy through the plastic, while she moans despite the fact that she can't feel a damned thing and is probably sweating like a pig. When he finally lets her out of the bag she goes to town sucking him off, though most of the time it's him fucking her face while she gags on his fairly large member. She does appear to be very much enjoying it though. She lies on a workbench where he eats her pussy and ass, and then he stands up and goes straight for the ass. I don't think she takes her hand off her cunt the entire time either, which is always hot. They end up having anal sex with her bending over and her rcg, then she takes a shot in the mouth.

Gia Paloma looks familiar to me for some reason, but I can't remember where I've seen her. Anyway, she has an odd look about her, almost like the really weird girl from the Craft, Faruza Balk I think. She starts off in a bathtub wearing nothing but a fishnet shirt and working her pussy with one hand. She does a very thorough job, then wanders downstairs where she sees a kielbasa tied to a string. Just like every other girl she starts following it across the floor and up some stairs on her hands and knees. What she finds at the top though is a big juicy dick, which she promptly swallows and does a good job sucking. After some brief tit-fucking she climbs on top of the guy and plunges his big cock the whole way into her ass. She turns around for some more anal, then gets on her back where the guy hops back and forth between her cunt and her asshole. At points he climbs up near her face so she can suck his balls and cock, and even lick his ass. The sexual energy this girl has is through the roof and I'd love to meet her at a bar some night and take her home. They finish with him creaming her face.

As with the other girls Pason starts out with a solo scene in a field. She's only decent looking, at best, and is wearing some freaky pink and black striped stockings that made me think of Willy Wonka. So that's already a strike against this scene. After playing with herself she gets to her knees and is force-fed a dude's man meat, all the way down her throat. When the sucking's done she gets on all fours with her good stuff facing the camera and the guy generously applies spit to her pussy and especially her asshole, getting it prepared for what's to "come". I kill myself. She stays where she is while he mounts her from behind, penetrating her pussy at first. You get a good angle, but the dude's wearing black socks a la Ed Powers, but luckily he doesn't look like a human troll. Not long after they start it's anal time, and she busts out some rcg, bouncing her ass up and down on his cock while rubbing her clit and moaning non-stop. They have more anal on her side and doggy style then she takes his shot right on the lips, and even after he's gone she rubs herself off a bit more.

Last on the Meat Grinders menu is Lil Bit More (I like the name by the way), a cute blonde. As with everyone else she starts off with a solo, sitting on a couch while some guy sits on the other end eating a kielbasa. Not erotically, just with silverware. Anyway, this must really get her off cause she's watching it and rubbing that clit like she wants it to start fire. I know MY girlfriend gets turned on watching me eat. This eating/whacking it thing goes on a for a while, then he sets his half-eaten plate of food on the ground and she climbs down on all fours eating it with just her mouth. Very, very disturbing. She quickly exchanges the kielbasa for cock, then mounts him on the couch for cowgirl and rcg. She takes it up the ass in quite a few positions, still on the couch, then he gives her a pearl necklace for her birthday. Get rid of the sick meat references and bizarre s & m crap with the plastic bag, and this might be a B movie just for the girls' sexual energy. But it's not, it's a D.

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Powers talking about the girls
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