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Title: 18 & Easy  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


18 and Easy (premiere collector's edition)
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman

Movie Type: Gonzo
Length: 91 minutes
Studio: Excessive Entertainment
Director: Weasel Padowski
Themes: Young
Condoms: No
Stars: Jayna Oso, Kayla Paige, Sarah Blake, Kimberly Kane, Porsha Blaze, Gia Paloma, Holly Stevens

Review: Each scene in this film is given a title, which I'll provide followed by a synopsis and evaluation of the scene.

Scene 1: "Kimberly and Porsha park it on TJ's hot rod." TJ, Kimberly, and Porsha pull up in a pickup truck to what appears to be a makeout place (the stereotypical hill overlooking the city where teens go to fuck). The girls, a brunette and blonde duo, do some hot foreplay with TJ in the back of the truck before going down on him. Both are pretty cute. The blonde starts off wearing a cowboy hat and has kind of a country girl charm to her. The brunette strikes me as a little more exotic. Both look good with cocks in their mouths. The double BJ is well-done, but my beef with this scene is the lighting. Since it's supposed to be taking place outdoors at night, there's a lot of darkness in the frame. The director uses a bright, seemingly fluorescent light to illuminate the scene, but often times the action is difficult to see because the actors' bodies block the lighting. The lighting does set the mood a bit but this scene could have benefited from a second light at a different angle. After the double BJ, the blonde plants her cunt on TJ's face and he eats her out while the brunette devours his cock. This gives a great shot of both girls' bodies, and it's here that I realized just how smokin' hot the blonde is. Moving on from the sucky to the fucky, the blonde reverse cowgirls TJ as the brunette frigs her. It works, and the lighting allows you to see the action better than before. She dismounts and the gorgeous brunette mounts him cowgirl. This was my favorite part of the scene. She rides him for a few minutes, then he pulls out and blows his load on the blonde. There doesn't appear to be much if any swallowing from this angle, but she takes it like a champ on her chin.

Scene 2: "Jayna takes it up the ass from her eager boss". This scene is excellent. Jayna is a goddess - slim and sultry - and the scene lives out one of the most basic male fantasies - banging the secretary. The boss comes into the room and criticizes her on the "more than 20 spelling mistakes in this document." She teasingly removes her blazer saying "I know you didn't hire me for my spelling abilities..." I don't know much about Jayna, but she seems to be Asian with maybe a little Latina in her too. She's beautiful. She's dressed in a little skirt with a spaghetti-strap top, bra strap peeking out underneath. She blows the boss for a couple of minutes and maintains good eye contact with him much of the time. The BJ is shot mostly from a side angle. It would have been nice to get some POV action, since her eye contact is strictly with her male counterpart rather than the camera. After a while he pulls up her skirt to reveal the treasure underneath and goes down on her neatly shaven snatch as she reclines on his deck. Now fully undressed, the two get down to business as he rails on her pussy with his cock. She's quite a flexible girl, spreading her beautiful legs wide on the desk to receive him missionary style. Next, she turns over and takes it doggstyle on his desk. They move on to anal, she riding him in reverse cowgirl. Her lean, tight body looks good in this angle. The pop shot follows the traditional formula - she on her knees as he jerks on her face. Some of his seed gets in her mouth but she spits it out. He hits his mark well, coating her face with love to cap a good scene. No lighting problems in this scene. Jayna's worth the price of admission on this disc.

Scene 3: "Hollie takes her biker boyfriend's hog for a ride." Biker fantasy. The guy looks like a cross between Willie Nelson and Jesse Ventura. He pulls up on his motorcycle into a garage and begins to go to work on Holly. She's cute. She's a lithe young blonde dressed as a sketchy biker girl. He goes down on her first, then fucks her face. There's a definite distinction between a blowjob and a face fucking. It's a matter of control. And this guy is in control, as you'd expect him to be being a tough biker dude. He calls the shots, and seeing his nasty hands gripping her skull as he throat fucks her is hot in a subjugating way. She mounts him reverse cowgirl, giving us a nice shot of her completely hairless pussy getting slammed. There's some doggy and another quick blowjob before he pops on her face. Another textbook facial.

Scene 4: "Kayla and Sarah play nice together." Lez scene. These two hotties, dressed as sexy janitors, are scrubbing out the jacuzzi. As you can imagine, their patience with janitorial work wears thin after about 30 seconds and they begin to kiss and feel each other up. Slowly undressing each other, they reveal some beautiful tits and asses. There's some good pussy eating, fingering, and dildo/vibrator action. The girls are cute, but there isn't much to say about this scene. No technical problems with this scene, aside from the sound having a cavernous edge to it due to the room it was filmed in.

Scene 5: "With mojo in her dojo, Gia gets Kris and Sascha to attack her flip side." We're in a gym/fitness center. Judging from the title of this scene, Gia is an uber-fit martial-arts-savvy sexpot who takes control. Control is what she does, as this little Latina gym rat gets right down to business taking it doggystyle in her cunt from one of the guys while blowing the other. This scene features, among other things, a double blowjob (two cocks in her mouth at once). Both guys get their shots at her cunt and her ass. There's some ATM involved. Near the end of the scene is a great view of her getting analed doggystyle while sucking the other guy's cock. The double facial closer is excellent, but I was a little weirded out when the scene ends with her pissing into a bucket. What's the purpose of this? I know some guys like to watch girls piss, but it doesn't do much for me in this scene.


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