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Title: Euro Angels 6  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: C-
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: C+


Euro Angels 6
133 minutes
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Christopher Clark
THEMES: Anal sex
STARS: Noelle, Fovea, Laura Hutton, Nikki Anderson, Katalin, Lldi, Gaby, Jovana, Melonia, and Sharon
Reviewed by: Levon (mreviewer@hotmail.com)

The movie starts out with an average looking brunette with a pale yet tight body. She gets her ass rimmed, spit in, and fingered for some seriously close-up gyno shots. Meanwhile we cut to another couple, a black haired girl playing with herself as she sucks off a parolee. Her oral is very short as she turns around to get her ass fingered. Cut back to couple #1 and she is getting fucked anal doggie and in walks couple #2 to observe and give some A2M. They all reposition and girl #2 gets eaten out and finger fucked as she and the other girl give some average no hands oral. So back to fucking with girl #2 getting mish from both guys and anal mish, while our brunette sucks off the other guy till she gets her own anal doggie, with some gap shots. The scene ends with both girls sucking off a parolee till one of the guys jerks of onto girl #2 face and girl #1 jerks off her guy on her face and open mouth.

The next girl has long brunette hair and huge fake tits. She models around for a bit and shows off her ass and pussy. Two parolees show up and dive right into her ass as she shows some weak oral only working on the head and little energy. She gives a double handjob and gets her ass fingered by both guys. The fucking starts with an anal mish then moves through anal RCG and then we get some very poor blue screen action in the background. Its so bad I though it was my DVD player fucking up. They continue with a RCG DP, 4 finger rimming, anal doggie from each guy, and doggie DP. The scene ends with each guy jerking off and cumming on her face and tits.

The next few minutes are a bit confusing. You have 2 more euro women, a blonde and brunette, getting ready for what I thought would be the next scene. Instead you get a lot of footage of the two walking around. Then we cut to some convention and run into an average looking girl who shows off her tits and ass in a bathroom to our cameraman. We get some bad blue screen and a dark haired girl playing with herself and fucking her ass with her fingers and a dildo. She gives some close up gape shots.

Then we have Nikki modeling in a hotel room. She has an average face, a large ass, and nice natural rack. Nikki plays with herself for a very short bit then gets fingered in the ass by the cameraman. Next is some POV oral which is average at best. Nikki spins around and we go straight for some 1st person POV anal doggie and anal mish. The scene ends with our guy jerking off and cumming on her ass and thigh.

The next euro twist to this DVD brings us a blonde getting fucked in the ass by a guy using a blue dildo then DP's herself with a red dildo. Our guy progresses to using his fingers in her ass hen fadeout.

The net girl is an average looking redhead with a nice ass and small natural tits. She fingers her own ass and also gets rimmed and finger fucked by Christopher. Her oral is quite brief, doesn't show much out of the ordinary, and keeps fairly shallow. She gets fucked RCG, a long anal RCG, anal cowgirl, cowgirl, a lifted and standard mish, and anal doggie. There is a break in the scene as Christopher brings in a new parolee and she starts to suck him as Christopher goes back for an anal spoon, more anal doggie, and then a double blowjob. The scene ends with both guys jerking off and cumming on the girl's open mouth and chin. Fans of gape shots will like this scene.

The next girl is a pretty brunette with a small natural rack. She gets finger fucked in her ass and pussy by Christopher. There is some seriously close in shots as her reams her out with two fingers then moves up to a large red dildo then back to his fingers.
Going back a couple of scenes, I think we have the same blonde and brunette that we got footage of just walking around. Well now there at it with a little girl/girl munching and some light foot worship as well. What you get here is a lukewarm lesbian scene using their fingers and tongues and dildo towards the end. Enter two parolees and they pair up with some anal fingering and some average oral from the brunette. The blonde hops on for an anal RCG and the brunette for a normal RCG. You get a short RCG DP from the blonde then the brunette goes back for a cowgirl as the blonde gets an anal doggie. There is more anal RCG from the blonde, a spoon from the brunette, and then another RCG DP for the blonde. The scene ends with each guy jerking off and cumming on the brunette's face.

Bonus material would be a fetish menu and a photo gallery.

Overall this DVD is long, but a bit jumbled. There is the horrible blue screen effect and the women are average at best. Obviously if you like anal this will satisfy that urge, but other than that, I'd have to say avoid this DVD.


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