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Title: Cumfart Cocktails  
Reviewer: Captain Astroglide  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: C+
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


CumFart Cocktails

Director: Jake Malone
Stars: Tyla Wynn, Maxine, Lee Ann, Gia Paloma, Roxy Jezel, Victoria Sin, Natja Kassin, Naudia Nyce, Cris Taliana, Selena Silver, Michael Stefano, Brandon Iron, John Dough, Tony T., Jake Malone

Just when you thought porn couldn't get any dirtier, along comes CumFart Cocktails. These days, ass to mouth is pretty routine. Almost expected. So to shock an audience, you have to take it to the next level, which is what director Jake Malone does exceptionally well.
Felching, for those of you who don't know, is the fine art of sucking the cum out of a chick's ass. As a fetish, it's an acquired taste. Literally.
Malone must have a true gift of persuasion with the ladies. You might expect the collection of porn actresses to be bottom of the barrel. I mean, after all, felching isn't exactly mainstream. But somehow Malone has managed to find 10 pretty hot chicks to take it in the ass and then felch cum from another chick's ass. Bravo.
Each scene starts out pretty much the same: chick in leather does some masturbating, another chick in leather visits, they do lezzie stuff. Then some luck stud (or two) fucks them both in the ass. And then the felching. Seeing as this is a winning formula, you can expect that Jake Malone will be putting out an endless stream of these.
In the first scene, there's some nice foot licking with Roxy and Tyla Wynn. Oh yeah, first Roxy beats up a punching dummy while smoking a cigarette. Then there's the leather, the masturbating, and some shoe fetish stuff. If there's one minor complaint about this whole collection it is the over reliance on fetish and toys. One should use the butt plug and dildo as a spice, not as a main course.
In the second scene, Gia Paloma, who looks like a supermodel gone evil, is blindfolded as she crawls across the floor with a giant black dong jammed in her mouth. She's soon joined by Victoria Sin and they get nasty with the lesbian stuff. Soon both girls are getting assfucked. At the climax, Gia sucks the cum from Victoria. Moments later, Gia spits the cum back into Victoria's mouth. These are not shy girls.
By the third scene, the leather stuff is getting a little tired, even as cutie Selena Silver pokes a clear dildo in her ass. She's joined by Natja Kassin, who puts most of the adult toy section in her ass. When the guys jump in, there's some nice DP action. The nice thing about two male actors is that both girls get their asses felched.
The fourth scene is the only time the DVD disappoints. Maxine, who is one of the hottest Asian actresses in the business, does not let herself get fucked in the ass. She's a great ass to mouth queen with partner Cris Taliana, but for some reason, she doesn't do anal onscreen. Bummer, since the scene with Cris is the best on the whole disk. These two girls have great chemistry. As if to compensate for the lack of anal, Maxine felches from Cris' ass not once, but twice. And when some of it drips on the floor, she licks it right off the hardwood floor.
In the fifth scene Naudia and Lee Ann throw on some sexy lingere-type stuff. They get busy with a string of pearls and then it's more wall-to-wall assfucking.
As the credits roll, we get some behind the scenes goofing by the girls. This is all stuff that appears in the extras, but it's still fun to watch, since it gives you a peek into personalities of the actresses. It's good stuff and somewhat hypnotic.
Leah Luv. who looks to be about 18 and one day, appears in the "Boner Footage." If you're into the tiny-titted, barely legal thing, Leah is for you. She's cute, wears braces, and looks very, very young. In this one-take bonus footage, Leah gives a nice little blowjob, which almost seems quaint compared to what's on the rest of the DVD.
== Review by Captain AstroGlide


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