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Title: Theatre of Lust  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: C-
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Theatre of Lust
MOVIE TYPE: Feature, Gonzo
96 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Susi Medvsa Gottardi
THEMES: Domination, Anal
STARS: Julie Silver, Jessica May, Rita Neri, Sandy Style, Sunny, Alberto Rey, Franco Trentalance, Gabriel Montoya
Reviewed by: Arnon

This is a typical gonzo Euro movie, with almost all hot people doing tons of dp, anal, and deep-throating. It was a good watch, except the bizarre plot made no sense at all and the gothic setting wasn't really erotic, to me at least. However, the sex was intense and fun to watch. Oh, and I apologize that I don't know any of these actor's names.

I'm not even going to try and explain the plot to you, because it's one of those bizarre Euro ones that I doubt they even understand. The sex starts with a hot blonde dressed as a cross between a neo-Nazi and a girl scout. She goes into a place that looks like a dungeon with a little whip thing and, upon entering a cell, finds a dude wearing a leather mask, a leather chest thing, and fishnet stockings. She gives him a very sloppy and fun looking blowjob, but it was hard to enjoy it with him wearing that mask. The whole leather thing doesn't do much for me. Being a Euro movie they don't fuck around and go straight for the anal with the girl on her knees, still in the dungeon cell. They do that for about 5 minutes than we get some rcg, anal again, with a nice shot of the action. It's amusing to hear the girl say things like "fuck me ass" and "cock my shitty ass" with an accent. They do end up doing some pussy fucking cowgirl style. A little bit more standing anal and the guy unloads onto her face. A pretty good scene - it would've been worse if it showed more of the guy's weird clothes, but it instead focused on the penetration. Before the girl takes off she undoes the guy's mask so he can use his tongue and mounts his face. You don't really see any of that though.

Next up is a decent brunette who takes on two guys on what looks like a theatre stage. I hate these scenes, and it was standard dick in mouth/dick in ass or pussy, except this had a bit more dp than usual. Both dudes cream on her face. Next!

Another hot blonde is lying in a bedroom with a dude, rubbing his dick while he licks her...shoe? Yup, thankfully only briefly. She gives him a super short blowjob then rcg's him with her asshole. More funny terms and accents ensue. Somehow I think it'd be hotter if they just spoke in their native language, but I suppose that's just me. They do anal on their sides and doggy style and he ends up coming all over her ass for a nice change of pace.

A super hot brunette is led into a gymnasium on all fours, then proceeds to take on two guys. The formulaic shit takes place, including more than your average dp.

This scene is the hottest in the movie, but of course I'm partial to lesbian action. A brunette and a blonde, both super hot, break into a room and launch into a pussy eating fest. And this is no hold's barred licking, none of that tip of the tongue crap. The blonde has nice, big, pussy labia and wears these shorts with the slit area cut out, so her lips stick out really good, and the brunette certainly doesn't waste that but works them for all she's worth. The brunette busts out a strap-on and proceeds to fuck the blonde mish on a table while blondie smokes a cigarette, enjoying herself. They reverse male/female roles for a bit then move on.

The last scene also involves two chicks, but this time there's a guy. It starts with a double bj, with some pretty intense and fun looking sucking going on. Both girls are hot and can suck cock Belladonna style. They take turns getting fucked, only in the ass, while the opposite girl either lends a hand or munches some carpet. While the girls are 69ing the dude unloads onto the on-top girl's asshole and the other one licks it off. A nice ending to a decent movie. The sex in this movie was good, but the bondage theme and almost all anal didn't do much for me. If that's what you like then check it out.

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