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Title: Something Extra 2  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Something Extra 2
139 Mins.
Red Light District
DIRECTOR: David Luger
THEMES: American she-males, tease and jerk off, boy-on-shemale action
STARS: Vo D'Balm, Carmen Cruz, Danielle Foxxx, Brenda, Vanity, Tom Moore, Chris Dano, Christian, Chance Caldwell
Reviewed by: Mars

It's always a boon to a film when the director is very much interested in his subjects. From his interviews with the performers it is clear that David Luger is fascinated with trannies. This also translates into really good action during the sex scenes. In Something Extra 2 he has found a cast of very enthusiastic, well-equipped, and stunning she-males to have sex for us. Hooray for Mr. Luger. It's good to see a tranny series that is made by an enthusiast who also uses the camera well. Joey Silvera's Rogue Adventures series had better start looking over its shoulder, Luger is fast approaching.

To keep things clear, I'll use "hir" and "s/he" for the she-male pronouns.

The scenes follow a standard pattern that sets the mood very well. Each tranny has a period of time (sometimes very long) where they pose, wiggle, writhe, and talk dirty to the camera. This is followed by them jerking off and talking dirty, and finally adding in a man to fuck. Since the she-males are all American in this volume of Something Extra (the first one was Brazilian) they speak English, which makes the dirty talk that much easier to understand.

Vo D'Balm is the first up and s/he's a wonderfully nasty and built she-male. With huge fake tits, a big cock, fantastic ass and long legs, Vo is a Hispanic wonder to behold. S/he spends a long time showing off for the camera and then smoking as s/he talks filthy about what s/he wants to do to you. I listened to all of it. S/he then spends another good portion of time stroking hir hard cock on a couch (very hot) before hir cock-jock shows up to suck hir off. The two of them work well together and they both get noisy as they fuck. Vo take hir turn poling his ass and s/he looks great doing it. When he's pitching we get great views of hir massive tits and great legs as s/he groans. All hot stuff. They both pop a nut on each other to end it. Excellent start.

Carmen Cruz is the next in line. S/he's a blonde with large lips and a very nice ass. (I highly recommend watching hir interview in the special features section for a candid and casual conversation about being a tranny). S/he rubs hirself and poses for us while, giving hir brand of ribald talk as s/he does. Carmen enjoys the whole show and that makes hir extremely sexy. After some solo stroking hir partner shows up and s/he gives a good blow-job. S/he gets some oral action and then gets hir ass wrecked on hir side, all the while keeping the dirty talk going. The reverse cowgirl gives us a fine view of hir nice body, and s/he fucks him in return. Carmen ends by firing a huge load onto hir own stomach and then taking his on the chin. A fine scene.

Danielle Foxxx is another blonde with a very hot body, cute face, good tits and legs. S/he talks and strokes hirself for awhile before two guys come by to test her cock-sucking abilities. Turns out that s/he's an expert deep-throater. The pricks just disappear in hir mouth with ease. Very hot stuff. Danielle is oddly ladylike as s/he's getting fucked by two men at once, and it's a turn on. S/he's almost demure in her manner while at the same time being a nasty she-male taking cock slow and deep. S/he's extremely sexy and the whole scene lets hir shine. As with the first two ladyboys, Danielle pops a nut and then takes both of the guy's cumshots on hir face. Good segment.

Benda is the least pretty of the trannies on this disc, but s/he's not too bad. Hir body is toned and s/he shows it off briefly before hir cock-jock comes around. S/he also has the least functional cock, staying mildly limp as s/he gets sucked and fucked. Hir doggy style pounding isn't a bad time and s/he does jerk off to an orgasm, but the other t-girls on the disc are more worth your time.

Vanity is the closest thing the she-male world has to a superstar, from my point of view. And deservedly so. S/he's one hellishly good looking she-male, if I didn't know already, I'd be fooled that s/he was a genetic girl. S/he's an exotic looking gurl with a kicking body and a hot cock. We get a nice long show of hir talking and stroking hir tool before s/he gives a good hummer to hir partner. Vanity gets to do the first fucking and s/he pumps him well. When it's hir turn we get good views and s/he cums a bit while moaning very nicely. Vanity is into it and that makes this scene a definite winner.

Overall: Hot, nasty action, excellent solo build ups, fine looking trannies, good camera angles. This disc has just about everything you need for a she-male good time. It earned a spot near the top of my list for tranny flicks.

Extras include chapter search and two terrific interviews (with Vanity and Carmen). The interviews are worth watching if you're interested in the lives of these two trannies. David Luger asks good questions and lets them give honest replies.



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