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Title: Midnight Caller  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Midnight Caller
98 Mins.
Sin City
DIRECTOR: Cameron Bennett
THEMES: Oral, radio
STARS: Ava Vincent, Lauren Phoenix, Alaura Eden, Rose, Victoria Givens, Jackie Moore, Dale DaBone, Eric Masterson, Barret Blade, Dick Smothers Jr., Dez
Reviewed by: Mars

My main complaint with Midnight Caller is that the plot of the movie was less interesting than the summary of the plot on the back of the box. It's always odd to criticize a porn flick's story-line, but in this case I feel justified. Whoever wrote the back copy did a really good job. It painted a picture of a conservative talk show host leading a double life as a sex-maniac. The box made me expect pathos, struggle, and guilty sex by hypocritical right-wingers. Which, I contend, would have been really hot. The actual script delivered a bland and half-hearted attempt to make it there. I expected a banana split, I got pudding. Be that as it may, the action was still good and the performances (at least during the sex) were enthusiastic.

Laura Phoenix (a really nice and interesting Canadian girl, watch her interview on the disc) plays the Dr. Laura-esque radio host. She talks to a caller and criticizes pre-marital sex. To illustrate the point, we get to see some. Rose is an Asian woman with very large fake tits and a good body. She gets her bald pussy eaten out pretty well (and the camera stays really close throughout) before she gives a skillful blow job. She's got a good mouth, swallows him deep and keeps it hot. The reverse cowgirl shows off her body for a while but that's the only position between the oral and the pop shot. A weirdly short scene.

Next up is a couple that is worried about whether or not they should get married. While discussing it, they decide to have sex (like people do in porn films). Alaura Eden is the girl and she's an exotic looking brunette that I'm kind of sweet on. She's got a great face and a slender body, but her best asset is her ability to perform for a camera. She's into it and moans well (as demonstrated during the pussy lashing she gets). Plus Alaura is a good cock sucker. There's a great mish pounding (made even better by accidentally having a crew member reading a book in the background) and a nice squatting cowgirl ride. It's a long scene and the two of them work well together. The camera stays a bit too close for too long, which is a common problem in this flick. The scene ends with a spraying load on her face and hair. Good stuff.

Laura gets to show off her character's hypocrisy by dressing up in fetish gear and yelling at her boyfriend to eat her cunt. She looks great in the over-the-top leather, fishnet, and chain ensemble with her hair up. She also does a decent job of yelling at her boyfriend and riding his face like a hobby-horse. The cast is made up of women who give good head and Laura is no exception. In fact she may be the best. She swallows his cock to the hilt with ease. They move to the sex and get to the standing doggy style on a staircase with strong strokes and a sexy sheen of sweat on her taut body and back (nice muscle tone, Laura, keep it up). The mish is pretty cool as well, with her legs spread very wide as he strokes away.

The radio techs get love to in the broadcasting booth. Victoria is a bottle blonde with a sweet drawl who gives a wet, slurpy hummer. She's no slouch, going down deep and using her hand to good effect. Hot stuff. She has a huge fake rack with scars that practically light up against her pale skin and she's far too skinny for my taste. But for all that she's got a pretty face and takes a cock with the best of them. The reverse cowgirl is obviously her favorite, as she leaks wetness all over his thighs before they're through. The mish affords us some of the best views in the flick and ends with a pop shot onto her stomach. Not bad, not the best.

A listener calls in while being eaten out. It's Jackie Moore and she's a hottie. Not the classic porn-star pretty but something about her look does it for me. Unfortunately we don't get to appreciate it much due to poor camera angles. But at least the cunnilingus is good. And her reciprocal blow job is also a winner. It lasts a long time, includes some deft tongue work, and ends with a facial. Just an oral scene, but it makes a lot out of "just oral."

To finish it off we get a very long and involved scene between the lovely Laura and Ava, a vixen with a good body and a very pretty face. If there's one thing they do very well its kiss. They do it often and they do it with passion. Lucky for us, that's not all they do. They also suck and tease nipples and eat and finger pussy very, very well. Laura bends Ava over the desk early on and runs her tongue up and down her cunt and ass. It is a very hot moment and sets the tone for the whole scene. Ava isn't a shrinking violet, she gets into Laura's twat with tongue and finger and digs in for some sweet eating. They are aggressive, paw at each other, and fully engaged in the action. It lasts a long time and remains hot for the whole thing. An excellent ending.

Overall: The camera plays it coy, staying close to medium through most of it, which is too bad. The story doesn't match up to the box cover, which is a shame. But the action and the performances certainly make up for a lot. With a couple of very good scenes and several that are above average, Midnight Caller does well and will not disappoint.



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