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Title: Legal Skin 16  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Legal Skin #16

Kid Cocky-

Time- 120
Company- Smash Pictures
Director- Jordan Heart
Cast- Dark Angel, Nicole, Sabrina, Violet, Lora Croft, and Claudia Adams
Legal Skin:
As I said in my last review of a "Legal Skin" movie... these girls aren't "barely legal." In other words, if you are expecting teenagers, then you should look elsewhere. These girls are easily in their twenties. They aren't barely legal, they are completely legal.
The first scene involves Nicole. She starts things out by teasing Frank with her great tits and beautiful body. He quickly starts kissing her body and then her starts working on her incredible holes. Nicole rewards Frank with a little knob gobbling. Then they work into a little 69. Everybody loves 69. Frank helps Nicole slip out of what remains of her clothes. The he starts fucking her in the cowgirl and missionary positions. Frank spoons Nicole next, then he works into her tight little asshole. He doesn't spoon her ass for long before he fucks it doggie style. They finish things up with a little reverse cowgirl anal. She winds up with a face full of funky spunk. Yummy.
The fourth scene stars Dark Angel, Violet, and Clark. While the good looking blonde Violet cleans up in the shower, the fucking hot cover girl Dark Angel does a little exercising in the next room. The dude arrives and finds Violet finishing up in the shower, he helps her towel her off and he begins fooling around with her. He ends up licking Violet's smoothly shaven cunt. It is very wet, and he seems to be enjoying himself. Violet then notices Dark Angel watching them during her workout. They then decide to head in for a little fun.
Clark starts licking Dark Angel from behind, and then Violet works her way all around Dark Angel. The girls team up on Clark's cock in appreciation for his efforts. What sweet girls.
Did I mention that Dark Angel is beautiful? After fucking in a few positions, the ladies finish things up sharing a good facial from Clark. I hope we see more of Dark Angel in the future. Given a little more experience, she could be a great pornstar. She definitely has the name and body for it. She also seems to take anal very well. Her tits are a little small. That will be fine for a while, but she should consider getting some silicone fun-bags.
Each scene is entertaining. The girls are good looking and the sex is adequate. It won't bowl you over, but you'll get your money's worth.
Kid Cocky
"Only Andre the Giant has a bigger cock."  


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