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Title: Euro Angels 14  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


Euro Angels #14

Time- 120+ minutes
Company- Evil Empire
Director- Christoph Clark
Cast- Atlantis, Mercedes, Suzi, Michaelle and Eva


Isn't technology great? I am sitting here listening to MP3's, writing a porn review, and watching a porno on my widescreen TV. I love being alive in this generation.

The first scene stars Mercedes. Mercedes is moderately attractive. She looks a little old, her hair is ratty, her ribs are poking out, and her ass is a little big. She does have a nice smile, pretty eyes, and she's pretty thin. All she does in this scene is undress, and lead us into the video. She appears again later on where she fools around with a neon green vibrator. She starts off by giving a little vibrator head, then some European dude comes in and licks her asshole while she fucks herself. Very classy. He gets a footjob and he jizzes on her feet. Disappointing scene.

Mercedes starts off the next scene by stripping for a couple of young ladies. While she strips she sucks off a horse cock dildo that is hanging from the ceiling. The other two girls then do a lesbian scene. By the end, Vivien, Michaelle, Nicole and Ester all get involved. Vivien, who also appears in Euro Angels 21, is an attractive brunette. She has dark skin and large breasts. However, she appears to have very scaly skin. The harsh camerawork makes it look like she has a alligator ass. Yuck. She also has a very brown pussy. Sickly brown. Maybe she should stick to prostitution and lay off the videos.

In the first real scene of the movie, Atlantis fucks three dudes. She gets Dp'ed while she sucks a guy off, and she does a good job handling all the guys. However, she too looks a little worn. This scene, like most of the movie, is dependant on what kind of porn gets you off. If you like to see hardcore Euro porn with skanky girls, then this is for you. However, if you want to see cute women getting fucked, this movie isn't for you. I personally enjoy moderately attractive women. However, I will admit that Atlantis gets the shit fucked out of her. She could have shaved her ass before the scene though. The guys cumshots were disappointing too.

Eva, who also gets DP'ed, is the most attractive of the women. However, her pretty face is quickly masked by her zit covered ass. She has some great natural boobs, and they shake as she fucks and sucks. She does a good double BJ, but she, like the scene, lacks luster.

The last Scene involves Suzi. Suzi looks like a cracked out train station whore. She gets fucked by Christoph Clark in a nasty 1970's bathroom. Most of the sex occurs on the toilet with a dick in her butt. By the end of the scene she is gaping, and he cums on her ruined butthole. In a piledriver position with her face at the base of the toilet, she pushes the cum in her asshole. For some reason, this scene did get me off a little... but I hate to admit it.

Kid Cocky
"Tearing the roof off this mother sucker since 1969."


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