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Title: Anal POV (Red Light District)  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Anal Prostitutes on Video
165 Mins.
Red Light District
DIRECTOR: Erik Everhard
THEMES: Anal, point of view camera angles, round asses
STARS: Lauren Phoenix, Natalia, Tyla Wynn, Liliane Tiger, Teagan, Erik Everhard
Reviewed by: Mars

Erik Everhard is not yet jaded by his profession. And judging by the level of his enthusiasm he probably won't be for some time. For us, his audience, the payoff is his performances are always high energy. His interest in his partners is genuine so the action is usually hot. In Anal P.O.V. Mr. Everhard is the sole male performer and only cameraman in the flick. This means, as the title suggests, that we get nothing but Point Of View shots. Which means that the angles are almost exclusively close ups. Usually I'm opposed to this but when it says "POV" right on the box then I can't fault the filmmakers for doing what they promised. And Everhard manages to keep a really steady camera, all things considered, and does get a few shots from far enough away to let us appreciate the women he's doing.

First of those women is Lauren Phoenix. She's a natural girl with long straight hair and a wonderful ass on a good body. She's getting made up in the bathroom and Erik is distracting her. The blow job she gives is great. Deep and nice licks to prove that she is good at the hummers. She slides his cock into her as she sits on the counter and they eventually start up the stairs. This lets her show off her fine body as they climb. It's extremely sexy to watch her pose as she steps, and he does her doggy style halfway up. Good lord Lauren is sexy. The bed fucking is good too. Legs spread wide and moaning well, Lauren gets done anal for a good long time in a few positions. She gets that fine ass stuffed with some breaks for ATM and takes a pop shot on the face to stop the scene. Good start.

Natalia is a leggy blonde Euro-babe and she gets "picked up" on the street in a bit of story line. She's cute, with good natural tits and a round ass. She's also game for action, obviously enjoying herself as they work up to the sex. Natalia is not, however, very good at sucking cock. She gets just the tip in her mouth and doesn't get too into the licking even. She is cute, though. Her girlish body and tight twat get used by Everhard for a long, long time. She takes the anal well (with a good view of her nice ass) and she swallows his load. During it all, however, she's not very animated. It's clear from the behind the scenes footage that she's into sex and likes doing Erik, but she's not playing to the camera as well as she should be. Ah well.

Speaking of girls who play to the camera, Tyla Wynn is next up and she's a hell of a performer. She's a natural California girl (doesn't matter where she's actually from, she's pure Cali) with tan skin, messy blonde hair, big natural tits and ass for days. Plus she's got a wild streak. They're on the beach where she's rollerblading on a path and they head to the car so she can blow him. It's very public, with Erik spinning the camera around to show the various bikers and joggers going by a hundred feet away. He even fucks her a bit on the front seat of the car. When they head inside she gives a decent show before getting plowed into the bed. Good noise from her and the start of the anal is slow and sweet. Tyla works the camera well, moaning and writhing nicely. The mish is good too, with those tan legs spread wide. The only bad point is personal. You might like it, but when she squeezes the anal cream pie into a glass and drinks it, I checked out. Despite that, good scene.

Liliane Tiger is another European and she has an excellent body with a gorgeous face. It's sculpted perfection but obscured in a net-like lingerie. Would've liked to see more of it. Still and all she's easy on the eyes and after a very brief bit of oral the action goes straight to missionary anal. Liliane is more active than Natalia was, rubbing her tits and riding the cock well. There's a bit of the European distance to her performance, but it's a minor complaint. They get it on well together and watching Liliane is a good time.

To wrap it up we get to see Teagan. Unfortunately we also get to hear her for a long time. She seems nice enough, but she has a squeaky little girl voice that drives me up the wall. Erik, however, can't seem to get enough of it and keeps her talking for a long time before stuffing her throat with his cock. Which, it must be said, she does very well. Deep and wet with good hand work. There's also a very good bit of standing doggy against a bar stool. Teagan may have an annoying voice, but she's a good performer. The bed fucking is intense, she nearly pulls the sheets to pieces she's gripping them so hard. He pounds her for a long time, swapping between cunt and ass as she takes all that he can give. Not bad.

Overall: As I said earlier it's all point of view camera work so be ready for it. Everhard does some very good pov work with the camera and it didn't stop me from enjoying the flick. His enthusiasm and the girl's good looks and willingness made this an above average fuck film.

Extras include chapter search, a full bonus scene, a behind the scenes that is mainly just him having sex with the girls while the camera is off to one side, a photo gallery and URLs.



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