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Title: First Date  
Reviewer: Shay Boogie  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


First Date

First Date
116 Minutes
CONDOMS: None 2004
STARS: Jessica Sweet, Sativa Rose, Kat, Brodie, Trista Post, Trinity Post

As soon as I saw the box-cover of First Date I knew I was probably going to enjoy this DVD. Not only were the girls really cute but the theme of the film was based on one of my favorite shows, Blind Date. First Date is the porn equivalent and does a very good job holding its own. When doing a satirical parody there's always the chance that the results are going to be really corny. The exact opposite is the case here, though. Director Guy Capo did an outstanding job of creating an atmosphere so similar to Blind Date that at times you forget that you're watching a porn. Each scene seemed like it could have been an actual experience from Blind Date. After watching this movie I'm dying to call up Mr. Capo to see if he'll cast me as a "first dater" in his next volume.
First Date clearly took many of the themes from its predecessor and did it quite professionally. The theme music was similar as were all the camera angles, scene setups, and interaction between the daters. The premise of First Date was to have two sex-starved young'uns meet up, take a ride in the "infamous" black van, and see if they get along. In this version, though, one thing always leads to another. The couple ultimately ends up going at it wild and wet rather than having a simple kiss at the end of the date.

The first two potential hook-up contestants we meet are Brodie and Sergio. Brodie is an extremely cute, black haired tease who proudly sports a "Fuck Me, I'm Famous" t-shirt. Before the date, we're introduced to Brodie as a "Magna Cum Facial student ready to let loose." These hilarious antidotes are given to each couple before their respective scenes. As Brodie and Sergio make their way into the van, Sergio tries to find out how far Brodie's willing to go on a first date. Although she claims that all she'll do on a first date is kiss, ironically, not even 5 minutes later, she's giving our main man a great blowjob in the hotel room. The action is hot and heavy, as Brodie's two lightning bolt tattoos right below her navel turns Sergio (and myself) on beyond belief. After fucking her good for about 15 minutes, he finally unloads on her pretty, young face. The visual gags during this scene included a picture of an erect cock, simulating how hard Sergio was getting earlier in the van. These gags were introduced all throughout the movie and really made for some good slapstick.

Another great "date" was between Kat and Talon. Kat's an 18-year-old looking bombshell with a hint of Asian in her. The braces she's wearing just affirms the fact that she's a young novice in the industry. With a belly-piercing that almost hangs down to her freshly shaved pussy, Kat makes it impossible for Talon to resist her. As the audience is told from the get-go, Kat is "begging to know what it's like to not hear from a guy the next morning...or ever again." She gets her wish, as Talon takes control and fucks her every which way. After giving it to her missionary, he unloads his shake all over Kat's cute lips. Like the good girl she is, Kat eagerly accepts and lets it percolate in her mouth.

One of the funnier scenes is the one with Trista and Marcos. Trista is known as the "downhome country girl who can't wait to fuck anybody who is not totally white." Luckily for her, Marcos is a lover of Latin descent. After meeting each other and a few minutes of small talk, Trista makes her move in the van and starts to give dome to Marcos. We get two different camera angles, both of which are VERY reminiscent of the ones used by Blind Date. It's really uncanny how Guy Capo was able to mimic the angles and film type of his model. The most thrilling part of Trista and Marcos' scene was definitely the cumshot. Marcos spews his cum all over her face and hair. It's such a great popshot that the viewers are given a "Luv Truck Camera" slow motion, instant replay of it. Does it get any better than this?

Although assholes don't play a big part of the movie, there are indeed two anal scenes. Trinity and D-Wize get it on, as she deep throats her man in the van, while he instructs her exactly how he wants it. Back at the hotel, she allows him to invade her poop shoot and screams in joy/pain as he succumbs to her demands. Similarly, big-breasted blonde Jessica Sweet not only gives up the ass but gets tittie fucked by a lucky Czechoslovakian named Jerry. Even though Jessica's hobbies include "cocksucking and pretending she's never taken it in the ass before", she proves this completely false as she gets finger fucked, ate out, and banged firmly in the ass.
The final scene with the sultry Sativa Rose and Kris was the icing on the cake. Kris was very nervous about meeting Sativa and when he saw how hot she was, he became even more worried. Sativa does what any naughty girl would do and puts our man's mind at ease by opening up his fly and giving him an incredible blowjob. After sucking on Sativa's cute cooch for a few minutes, the fucking begins. Doggy, cowgirl, and missionary are the positions that the van they were in accommodated. Kris finally does his duty and literally sprays Sativa all over her gorgeous face. After this action, we're lucky to get a still shot of Sativa with cum dripping down her cheek. Oh yeah!
The extras in First Date were simply great. Usually the extras are boring and have too much filler. This is not the case here, though. The "Hot Shots" showed each facial in succession while "Solo Scenes" showed new footage of each girl stripping and playing with themselves. Finally, the "Behind The Scenes" action was quite amusing. The best moment was when Kat started blowing bubbles with cum that was in her mouth. Ahhh...sweet and simple.

Overall, as if you couldn't have guessed it by now, First Date is a top-notch effort from DVSX. From the box-cover to the sex to the extras, I don't think anything could have been done much better. The acting was very good, which is rare to see nowadays. All of the girls were cute, with some being a tad prettier than others. The sex wasn't raw and wild but what can you expect when you have to film in a moving van. However, the fucking didn't disappoint as the viewer got very clear images of each position. Anyone who's a fan of Blind Date has to get this DVD. Actually, fuck it...even if you're not a fan of Blind Date go out and get this DVD. You'll having a great fuckin' time (watching it).   


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