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Title: Please 10  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: D-
A/V Quality: B


Please! #10
140 Mins.
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Joey Silvera
STARS: Tavalia, Aliyah, Belladonna, Miriam, Sabrina, Mariah, Dominika
Reviewed by: Arnon

Evil Angel is known for their rough, gonzo style porn flicks. This, on the other hand, was very much unlike that. It was more in the line of your standard sex porno, with a little bit more group sex and some pissing for some bizarre reason.

Belladonna's the first girl up, and a good choice to get things rolling. She gets it on with a black guy, her very first in porn in this movie. She starts off with a little playful banter for the camera. She talks about how she thinks licking a guy's asshole helps him cum, and for being a porn star the dude sure looks embarrassed. I do respect a chick that has no problem saying whatever she wants though. It's a turn on when people aren't really subdued about sex. Bella, being the sucker that she is for S&M stuff, is led around the bed on her knees while the guy dangles his large cock in her face, making her work for it. When she finally starts sucking him, even with her exceptional blowjob skills, she's only able to take half of him into her mouth. He repays the favor, then she gets on her knees and he covers her ass and pussy with lube. He gets behind her and starts fucking her, and the screams coming from these two would make a sailor blush, though the dude sounds a little like an ape in heat. It's kind of amusing listening to him grunt. They do it in a half side half rcg position, then it's on to missionary, where Bella amuses you by licking her own tits (some of the best tits in the industry.) They go through a couple more positions in the bathroom, but amazingly enough they don't have any anal sex. Usually when I see Bella that's all she does. A good scene, except for the loud guy.

Miriam's a hottie who kind of looks like Bella back when she had her dark hair. She takes on three guys near a pool, two white and one black. I hate these multiple guy scenes, and this one's the same as them all. Cock in her mouth, another somewhere else. The end. As a quick endnote, Miriam's VERY good at sucking cock. She can deep throat like a champ.

Mariah and Dominika get to share a black guy in the third scene. I think the idea is that one of the girls has a birthday, so the guy gets a third girl as a present. Not that the idea matters much. Dominika, a cute blonde, crawls into the bedroom on all fours and starts frenching Mariah, a hot dark skinned girl. The dude watches as the girls have a little nipple licking foreplay, then saunters over so they can take turns sucking him off. The girls have no problem sharing his dick either when it comes to fucking on the couch. He gives it to them in most of the major positions, while the other girl usually is sucking on the other girls' tits. That right there is a complaint of mine. I'm sick of these two girl scenes where the girls won't even touch the other one's pussy. Tons of chicks like other chicks, so put them together. After covering the girls in goo, the scene takes an odd twist. Dominika is setting in what looks like a locker room setting, and she pees onto the floor into a drain. Now, peeing doesn't do anything for me, but I'm not against it either. What I don't understand is why it's in this movie. Sure, it's an Evil Angel movie, but I think that's one of those semi-rare fetishes that should be kept to the fetish videos.

Sabrina is a slutty looking redhead (just the way I like 'em.) After posing for some camera shots, she gets on her knees and lets the cameraman, Joey Silvera, eat her ass. She then stands up and goes over to another guy in the room who's covered in tattoos. She unleashes his cock from his jeans and gives him a semi-decent blowjob while playing with her tits. They move to the couch, where she climbs onto his lap and rides him like a wild pony. The camera mostly focuses on her front view, so you don't see much of the action. They end up fucking doggy style, mish, and rcg before he unloads onto her face. But they're not done yet! They go back to mish for another few minutes, and he unloads again, and it's even more this time! Way to go tattoo guy! Unfortunately the scene has to end with her blowing Joey, who's not very attractive.

Aliyah, an Asian girl, gets it on with Joey Silvera. They do the normal stuff, but since he's one step down from Ron Jeremy it's kind of disgusting to talk about. Use your imagination.

To finish up, Tavalia, who's a knockout chick with black hair, goes at it with a couple guys. The normal stuff ensues. For a change of pace the guys come on her ass at least. This was a good movie, though unlike most Evil Angel ones I've seen. If you take out the pissing part (and Joey Silvera) you have a good, normal skin flick, though nothing spectacular. And the extras suck.



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