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Title: Juggernauts 2  
Reviewer: Vince  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Juggernauts 2
Director : Alex Sanders
Stars: Mika Tan, Trina Michales, Jada Fire, Kody Koxxx, Xana Star.
Rating: 7
Themes: Sex, Anal, Big Dildos, Big Tits
Extras: C+ = Behind the scenes and previews, also photo gallery.

Mayhem is a new company to me that I have never reviewed before and when I saw Alex Sanders on this project I was curious to see what it would be like. Alex is one of the legends in the adult world. He has been around for a while and has been in some famous scenes, most with Jenna Jameson.

Up first is a newbie named Trina Michales. I'm trying to say to myself that I am sick of the dirty blond hair girls with big fake tits in these movies but for some reason I still want to see them around. She has a decent body and big fake tits, her nice ass is what I liked the best. She starts out sucking two hard black cocks doing a good job at it as well. The two guys really treat her like a throw doll. They lay her on her back then start titting fucking her, she can keep up though. The sex is your run of the mill, hard and fast she does a good job paying attention of the other cock while getting stuffed. She takes a DP very well and she handles two pops very well, good scene to start of this movie.

Up next is Jada Fire, who I like from the start nice big tits a great ass and looks like one of the more prettier black girls in porn. The guy she does the scene with fucking ruins it. To aggressive and the camera angles are all out of whacked in this one. She does a good job sucking his cock but when it comes to the sex there are no good angles. The pop at the end, you can hardly see it. A real waste if you ask me.

Mika Tan is up next and I just love this girl, but this scene doesn't do it for me, again the camera angles are just not good. A good blowjob scene and once the sex starts, forget it! It just takes so much away from the scene and the stars. Once the anal starts it gets better, and she is into it the whole way though, and takes the pop on her face like she always does with great apparition. Good one for Mika.

Kody Koxxx is up and not that bad looking, not that good, but not that good. I like her though for some reason, she has fake tits and short brown hair. She takes on two men in this scene. Good blowjob scene. She mainly gets fucked by one stud and the sex is good again the angles are not there. When it comes time for the pop shot Alex Sanders comes in a gets sucked off and delivers a good pop on her face as does the other guy, not a bad scene, but not great.

Xana Star who has an awful tattoo on her back and a decent body closes out this movie. She is with her husband in this scene. The blowjob is not that bad. The angles are finally here in these scene but one problem, so is her husbands dirty hair ass. What the fuck! Again it just gets ruined.

I don't know about this place called Mayhem. I don't think I want to come back to anything they put out. Just another run of the mill porn house if you ask me. If you want to waste your money then buy this, but if you like good stuff then go to Platinum X and Red Light. Sorry Mr. Sanders it just was not there, fix those fucking cameras.



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