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Title: Taco Shop  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Taco Shop
118 Mins.
Zero Tolerance
DIRECTOR: Mike Quasar
THEMES: Hispanic Girls
STARS: Claudia Bella, Hellen Matheus, Linda, Laiza, Deby, Isabella, Jennifer, David Perry, Victor Lion, Mark Wood

Reviewed by: Arnon

Porn titles are a funny thing. Only in the porn industry could you make a movie with a horrific title, yet people will still watch it. I've seen some awful ones in my day, and most of the time the cheesier and nastier the title, the cheesier and nastier the movie. When you hear Taco Shop you think it's going to be a scuzzy movie with ugly ass people. It's not. It has pretty good-looking people in some beautiful locations. So why do they pick a shitty title, when calling it Brazilian beauties or something might sell more copies? Hell if I know.

The first girl up is Deby, who's black so I have no idea why she's in a Mexican porn. But whatever. Pussy's pussy I suppose. She gets her lips rubbed through her panties then unleashes her guy's hog while kneeling on the bed and giving a fine looking blowjob. She doesn't go down on him long before he throws her back and starts lapping at her cunt. That's also very brief and there are close-ups. He wastes no time lifting up her legs and fucking her on her back, then flipping her over to get her from behind. She ends up mounting him rcg style, then he literally picks her up and flips her around so she can face him and let the camera see her ass working up and down. This couple has some pretty interesting positions due to both of their flexibility. Deby ends up getting her ass fucked, one way while lying on her side with her leg straight up in the air, giving you a nice shot of the penetration. The way she slides her ass up and down on his dick makes it seem more like she's fucking him rather than the other way around. After several minutes of anal action, he unloads down her throat, which she promptly gags on.

The next scene was pretty hot. It features cover girl Claudia Bella and Linda, both smoking hot Latina girls. They share a spectacular blowjob with the lucky bastard, each taking their turn smoking his pole. The action takes place beside an outdoor swimming pool, so the background scenery is very nice. As you can imagine the girls get fucked every which way they can, taking it in the pussy and the ass. Both girls are loaded with enthusiasm as well, acting like they're really enjoying themselves. My only complaint with the whole thing was that the girls barely interacted at all, aside from the occasional tit rub or something. But overall it was a good scene, regardless of the lack of lesbianism. In the end both girls get drenched in a semen shower and share a big ol' sloppy kiss.

Isabella is a decent looking girl with a big, dark ass. The guy she gets it on with is kinda white trashy looking. Actually, he looks like he should be British. You know those guys with the really shaggy hair. The place where they end up fucking has an awesome view. It looks like they're on an island of some sort, and they're near the top of a hill with a good view looking out over a valley. Of course, it's hard to pay attention to that when she has her mouth stuffed with dick. She gives an unenthusiastic blowjob, which is him mostly fucking her mouth. He then bends her over the railing near them and starts doing her from behind. Isabella has very nice, perky tits that bounce wonderfully as she's getting rammed. It's a shame the guy's so ugly. It kind of ruins the fun. They move to doggy style on the grass and then to cowgirl. While she's riding him, though you get a good angle, you also get a good shot of her cellulite-covered ass. Not that hot. They go through a couple more positions, then move to the pool where she takes it missionary and doggy style again, before taking his load on her face.

Now Jennifer represents everything that a guy wants in a girl. She is super hot, with a nice tight today and beautiful perky tits. Unfortunately they team her up with the British guy from the previous scene. If they would've paired her with a decent looking guy this would've been a totally hot scene. She gives the guy a rather pathetic blowjob, then they move into the house where she bends over with one leg on a bench and gets rammed from behind. They don't leave the bench the whole scene, going through a few more positions, including missionary and cowgirl. At one point Jennifer gets on her knees and takes it up the ass. They finish with a nice facial.

Hellen Mattheus is a hottie, but she sort of looks like the President's ex-wife on the series 24, if you've ever seen it. That in itself isn't cool, cause that girl was a bitch. Aside from that, Hellen starts off in a white bikini by a pool with a little solo scene. Before you know it her muscle bound guy has her legs spread by the pool lapping away at her pussy. She gladly returns the favor, though she's not able to take much of him into her mouth. They go through most of the standard positions while lying on the side of the pool, and Hellen gets adventurous and kneels so he can stick his fairly large dick into her ass. They move into the pool and underneath the waterfall for some bent over fucking, plus some mid-air him holding her sex, and as usual she takes it on the face. A fairly good scene.

The last girl in the movie is Laiza, who has a really good body but her face isn't that great. She starts with a very brief solo on the couch then grabs some cock and shoves it into her mouth. They don't waste much time on preludes and before you know it she's bouncing up and down on his dick, with her ass facing the camera. After sucking some of her juice off his member, she flips around to show her pussy to the camera, then lies down on her side. The two rotate through these positions a couple more times, then its Laiza's turn to get on her knees and get rammed in the butt, and rammed it is, because that guy is slamming her hard. And just like every other girl in the movie, Laiza takes his load on her face. A decent movie, with nice locations and decent looking people. Too bad about that terrible title.

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