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Title: DVDA 2  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


DVDA-Double Vaginal Double Anal #2
109 Mins.
THEMES: Same as the title, people

STARS: Angelica, Bev Cocks, Bobby, Brett Rockman, Britney Jay, Daisy, Delilah, Igor, Jay Ashley, Jean Pallett, Joel Lawrence, KK, Petra

Reviewed by: Loomis

If you have read any of my previous reviews that include this type of action, you might have noticed that I am really not a big fan of double-vag or double-anal stuff. In fact, I find it excessively gay (or maybe exceptionally bi-friendly, I guess). If that's your thing, please do not be offended by a straight man that just does not care to see fellas rubbing their dick on another man's genitals. Maybe I'm small-minded, shortsighted or any other adjective that you'd like to lob my way. But like any other reviewer or umpire, I've got to call 'em like I see 'em.
That being said, I did not despise this film nearly as much as I thought that I was going to, based solely upon the distaste I had when I opened the box and read the title.

The first scene stars a hot little blonde named Angelica that is doing the finger dance as the scene opens. She is really quite pretty and has a very tight body. She fingers her own ass and then does some nice, but shallow double BJ work. As pleasant as this looks, I know what's coming and it takes a lot of the interest away from it before she relinquishes those dicks from her mouth and gives them access to her holes. Angelica manages to stay vocal and enthusiastic for her scene, which has a long DV scene. Her body looks great, and she is willing to go A2M and P2M on a regular basis. Once they start doubling up, I'm afraid that I hit the FF on my DVD system. Nice scene, if this is your bag. She does a nice job of stroking loads, even though both gents fail to miss her mouth with the vast majority of their efforts.

The second scene stars Britney Jay and a couple of dudes. Every scene stars some chick and a couple of dudes, though. Otherwise the whole DVDA thing would be exceptionally difficult. Britney is really sexy, and reminds me a lot of Katie Gold for some reason (a lot of that has to do with her really sexy and young-looking smile). I've seen Brit do a bit better in previous scenes, but she really tries hard to act like she is enjoying two large dicks invade her tiny pussy after the nice double BJ. She starts doing them one by one (either vag or anal) and smoking the other pole before each send a nice load to her face. She's even cute with a couple of big loads dripping off of her chin, and that is pleasant to look at.

The next girl up is Petra, and she has one of the more interesting pussy tattoos that I've ever seen. Although not a redhead, she does indeed have a fire-crotch (heh heh). She mouths one guy and then does a rather poor job at deep-throating attempts (unless you're into the whole gagging, nearly-puking thing-I'm personally not into that). There is some nice gaping when they start to DP her and then is followed by some DA/RC stuff. I went through this quickly, but I took my finger off of that button when the nice double facial finish happened. She looked happy that it was over, and I was as well.

Fourth is a young lady that goes by the name of Daisy (no, not the one that you are familiar with). After the double BJ, she does a nice job of letting the gents merry-go-round her pussy and mouth. Her enthusiasm never quits when she is presented with a bone for her mouth, whether her ass or pussy is being slammed. I found her to be the best-performing girl in the film, and she does take a nice double shot at the end with a really cum-hungry look on her face.
Bev Cocks (a rather nasty Britslut) and Delilah round out the final two scenes. Neither scene is very dissimilar than another, nor are any of them very different than the first four scenes.

I wish I had the ability to do a dual-score for this one-as your actual judgment on this film will be based solely on the concept of whether or not you enjoy these circus acts of double-drilling. I'm not big on that stuff at all, but I do indeed understand that there is a significant market for such DV/DA work. If you're into that stuff, I imagine that you'll not find much better than this one. If you were disinterested in that shit, you'd probably give it a B-.

Footnote: Now that a large number of lines are going towards more double-vag and double-anal action, I would not be too surprised to see a DV/DA/all-internal simultaneous popshot film in the near future.

Do you think that you might draw the line there?
I know damn well that I would.
Enjoy your day, my fine fellow porn folks.


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