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Title: Brotha's P.O.V. 3  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


A Brotha's P.O.V. #2
113 Mins.
THEMES: Interracial, P2M, Anal, Facials
STARS: Viktorie, Romy Roundell, Meliah Morgan, Hope Rising, Sandra De Marco, Lussi, Britney Jay, Lenka B, KK

Reviewed by: Loomis

As far as interracial stuff goes; I could really take it or leave it. I don't want to come across as some type of "totally enlightened white male that doesn't even recognize color as an issue, as I am far too high-minded and fancy for such lowbrow thoughts," but I really have never considered interracial much of either a positive or a negative when it comes to what I consider good porn. I watch nudie films to see good-looking women have sex and at least attempt to appear as if they are enjoying every second of it-the color of the dick providing that pleasure really doesn't matter a whole lot to me.

(Does watching Lex movies make me feel like I have a small dinger on the other hand? You're damn right it does. And unless you happen to be in the .0005% of males that has better attributes, it should make you feel the same way).
While I never viewed the first in this series, I'd certainly recommend this particular DVD. If the first one were half as good, I'd recommend that one as well.

"A Brotha's POV #2" starts out strong with a Eastern European blonde named Romy Roundell. She has fantastic boobs and a really fun-loving attitude. She also sucks wang with the best of them. Her technique is deep, slow and looks like it would be enough to sell your car to get a chance at. While she isn't really high-energy, she seems more than willing to take that dick straight from her pussy and suck on it like she was in search of moisture from any source. She takes her facial with a smile and does a great job with the post-pop. (I should mention that the black dude in this scene is the director KK, as it exists in every scene. He is the POV Brotha, so to speak, so this makes perfect sense).
The second scene has Lenka and KK in an outdoor setting. Lenka looks like a Czech, but I could be wrong on that. One way or another, she's way fly with a tiny pussy. Her oral is OK, but she shines more when she bends over for some outdoor doggy. They move indoors and she is back to blowing KK. He plows her taco with his tongue before putting her through the normal positions (all of which she looks beautiful in) before landing a big load all over her face. This is a really good scene.

Sandra De Marco is a Euro porn veteran with blonde hair and a really nice voluptuous body. Whilst not as young-looking as the previous ladies, she exudes a sexuality that none of the previous women can compare with. She takes it in mish, doggy, does some really hot P2M and then takes some really deep anal. Not afraid to taste lube and her own butt, she also takes a great A2M facial while sort of mindlessly rubbing her pussy. For some reason I find this exceptionally sexy. Sandra turns in a great scene here, and she takes the number one honors so far.

The next scene stars our director KK paired with two American chicks; Hope Rising (damn that's a bad name for such a hot blonde) and Meliah-who looks like the chick down the street who you know is not model-pretty but that you know is just an absolute firecracker in the sack. After a brief and mindless interview, the ladies start getting naked and randy with our man KK. They do a nice dual BJ before getting plugged. Meliah does a lot more P2M than Hope (the blooper reel shows that Hope gags on lube-covered dick) but both ladies put in a good effort. Meliah does some A, and really seems to get off on it (is that an unintentional pun?) For the finish, KK pulls out of Hope's lovely and young pussy and douses Meliah's mouth with a healthy load. While I would have liked to see more les action (after all there were two chicks there) this was a real fine scene, people.
Shockingly enough, KK is back with a really hot and young-looking chick by the name of Britney Jay. She reminds me of Katie Gold, more for her attitude and cuteness than for her looks. Britney is young, naughty and ready to get it on. She does some great oral work prior to taking it in every position imaginable. She takes anal in a couple of positions and seems to be trying to entice him into giving her a facial every single stroke towards the end (soreness?). Her oral cumshot at the end is fantastic and her post pop cleanup is the best in the movie. Her precious smile is worth the price of the DVD, in my opinion.

The last scene in this one is another KK/two girl pairing Victorie and Lussi). I'd guess that both of these chicks are Eastern European, but I could be wrong on that. They are both blonde and have fantastic bodies. They get naked on a porch and then proceed to suck KK to full hardness prior to moving inside and getting a little bit more naughty with each other. Tit sucking, pussy rubbing and handjobs for the cameraman/director are apparently the order of the day (I'd order that myself, given the option by this team of chicks). They get back to meat eating when KK gets back into the picture, and neither is reticent to taste the other's pussy fresh from KK's dinger when the tool pops out of that orifice. He does anal on both and there is a bit of A2M, but it thankfully isn't enough to mess up the flow of the sex (as it is in so many films today). KK pulls out of Lussi and shoots toward Victorie's mouth. While he misses that target, she dutifully licks up everything close. I really liked this scene, and it is a perfect capper to a strong film in general.

This not a blacks-on-blondes deal, where you might see tiny white girls impaled on huge black cocks. This is a very fun porn DVD that really delivers on a lot of levels, and I recommend it very highly.

Buy this one.


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