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Title: Wild on These  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: A


Wild on These
100 Mins.
Silverstone Entertainment
THEMES: Real tits
STARS: Jasmine, Angel Dark, Silvia, Leanni, Black Diamond, Lacey, Gabriella

Reviewed by: Arnon


The theme of this movie is that all the girls have real tits, which is a very nice feature now that fake ones are so prevalent. However, the movie doesn't really focus on that a lot. This is just one of those movies that has six scenes of really good, well lit sex with beautiful people, and it was quite fun to watch.

Lacey's a petite girl who looks like she might be half black. She's very hot. She masturbates extremely briefly while taking a bath, then squats over a guy's face for a close-up pussy eating. Then it's her turn to repay the favor, and she does a good job considering he has a huge dick and she's a small girl. She looks into the camera the whole time. Lacey bends over the side of the tub to get fucked from behind. Unfortunately there's a condom in this scene, as in most of the scenes. She ends up doing some rcg straddling at one point, then a nifty standing fuck in the living room before taking a shot in the mouth. A good scene, except for the condom.

Black Diamond and her guy start out walking down a road with snow everywhere. If she's black, you wouldn't know it. Maybe partially. Anyway, they start kissing and before you know it they're back at a place going at it. She receives the loving first, having the guy eat her while wearing some stupid fishnet stockings, which I hate. Then it's her turn, giving a fantastic looking blowjob that made me extremely envious. A couple of things about this scene annoyed me. One, the guy looks like a prick and is wearing a huge gold chain through the whole scene. Second, she wears those stupid fishnets the whole time too. Talk about ruining what could've been great. They start out doggy style on the couch but soon roll onto their sides. That's about it, and BD takes a load in the mouth. A decent scene which could've done better.

Ah Jasmine. The hottest girl in the movie, she looks like a blonde supermodel. Which makes it all the more interesting when she gets naked. She sneaks up on her guy from behind while he's shoveling and hits him with a snowball. Obviously that leads to sex, just like the real world. He manages to get her top off before she undoes his pants and unleashes his cock to suck on, which she does a decent but not great job of. They switch roles, him eating her pussy while fingering her asshole, her looking good lying there. They fuck doggy style for a bit, then Jasmine lies on her back and takes it up the ass. She doesn't take much of it, but seems to enjoy the bit she has. That's the end of it, and Jasmine takes it on the face with a big, beautiful grin on her face.

Angel Dark is sitting in a reception area of what appears to be a nice house, go figure. The receptionist is a dude who she decides she wants to have sex with, and as in the real world she goes over, pulls his pants off, and starts to suck his dick. Angel, by the way, is a fairly hot brunette. The guy has a small dick (for porn standards anyway) and in the weirdest part of all it has a big white spot on the top of it, like a bleach spot on a shirt. Really weird, but she doesn't let it deter her from sucking him dry. He gladly repays the favor, laying her on the desk and licking her beautiful pussy, though for a short time. He stands up and starts fucking her just the way they are, and they spend quite a long time in that position. When they change she gets on her knees and he sticks it in her ass, pounding away at her with plenty of energy. That's pretty much all they do, though they move onto their side in between. He ends up spurting on her face.

Gabriella is a super hot chick who sort of resembles Salma Hayek. Her and her Hispanic guy are in a really interesting room. It's inside, but it looks like an indoor garden/pool area with a hot tub/small swimming pool with a waterfall and plants and stuff. Anyway, she's so hot you don't pay much attention to the background anyway. She starts with a little striptease, but quickly the guy comes over to suck on her tits and get his cock sucked. And man, what a fucking fantastic job she does sucking him off. It made me so jealous I can't even express it in words. I would love to fuck that mouth. He repays the favor, and it's fun to watch a tongue lick that beautiful pussy. Gabriella kneels on a pool chair and her guy comes up behind her and starts fucking her, with an excellent view. Unfortunately they're using a condom, which ruins it a bit. They end up fucking rcg before he unloads onto her mouth. Shame there wasn't more.

For the final scene we have Silvia Saint and Leanni Lei. These two start off playing fairly pathetic game of tennis, before the tennis instructor comes over to uh, instruct them, if you know what I mean. Right in the middle of the match these two hotties approach the net, and for some reason start to undress each other and make out. Now I'm not complaining, but it just seemed a little odd to me. This is when the guy comes up to play with them. Silvia is the only one who interacts with him at all. First she sucks him off while Leanni eats her out. Then she gets fucked on her knees, cowgirl, and rcg while Leanni either gets some oral sex or lends a helping hand. That's it for the interaction. Both girls share a pop shot on the face and gladly kiss each other for an excellent tennis game. This was a very good movie, one which you could probably watch with a significant other if they're just getting warmed up to the porn scene.




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