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Title: Fuck Dolls  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Fuck Dolls #2
140 minutes
Red Light District
DIRECTOR: Jake Malone
STARS: Cris, Mya, Melany, Nautica Thorn, Aspen, and Lily Thai

Reviewed by: Levon (mreviewer@hotmail.com)

This DVD starts out with Nautica Thorn. Lately she really does the trick for me so this scene is very biased on my part. For those who done know, Nautica is a great mix of Hawaiian and Japanese, which gives her an Asian look with a terrific natural rack. There is some slow motion posing and a striptease till her two parolees get into the scene. Nautica gives some nice no hands oral as the guys take turns fucking her doggie. She moves to cowgirl, RCG, a short standing RCG, standing cowgirl, mish from both guys. The scene ends with each guy tit fucking till they cum on Nautica's face. In one of the cumshots the guy tit fucks and cums hands free.

The next girl is Mya, a pretty black girl with an average natural rack. There is some posing and spreading till her two parolees show up. Mya shows some excellent no hands deep throating and high energy, as she gives a double blowjob. They start fucking with a RCG then move to spoon, standing doggie, cowgirl, doggie, more cowgirl, a standing mish, a standing 69, some tit fucking, doggie, and a very short piledriver. The scene ends with each guy jerking off and cumming on Mya's face. This is a long scene and they all fuck the shit out of each other.

Melany is an average looking blonde with a small natural rack. We watch her as she get dressed and from there we go straight to the fucking. She also has two parolees and is fucked cowgirl, cowgirl DP, an energetic RCG DP, anal doggie, cowgirl, another cowgirl DP, a standing DP, and more cowgirl DP. Melany puts in a large butt plug in her ass then gets fucked doggie, removes the plug and gets more anal doggie, anal RCG, RCG DP, and yet more cowgirl DP. The scene ends with each guy jerking off and cumming in Melany's open mouth, which she swallows. This is a raincoater scene if I've ever saw one. It wastes very little time and if anal and DPs are your thing, this scene has plenty of both.

Lily is a very tan Asian girl with a very nice ass and small natural rack. Her oral uses a lot of hand action and she shows good energy. Lily gets fucked mish, doggie, spoon, standing doggie, and piledriver to a squirt. The scene ends with the guy pulling out and cumming on her face and open mouth. Lily is very vocal during this scene and throws in a bit of dirty talk, but she is mostly passive during the sex.

Aspen is an average looking brunette with large bolt-ons and an average body. After she gets dressed she plays with herself for a bit and strips down for her two parolees. She gives some weak oral, gets tit fucked, and face fucked. They start fucking with doggie then move through RCG, cowgirl, more doggie, and mish. The scene ends with each guy tit fucking Aspen then jerking off on her face and closed mouth. Unfortunately the guys make a shit load more noise than Aspen does in this scene.

The last girl is Cris, a cute Asian girl with a nice ass and natural rack. She models for a bit then finds her two black parolees. Cris gives some nice oral showing good energy, lots of hand work, and about half of the guys' dicks down her throat. Cris gets fucked in a good looking RCG, doggie, cowgirl, more RCG, spoon, mish, standing doggie, and piledriver. The scene ends with each guy jerking off and cumming in her mouth and swallowing. Cris shows some excellent energy and good attitude.

For bonus material you get 12 minutes of behind the scenes footage with Mya and Cris. In the boner footage you get an excellent POV session with Cris with oral, mish, doggie, RCG, and a cumshot to her open mouth.

Overall this is an excellent DVD with something for everyone. The best scenes are with Nautica and the 2 scenes with Cris, with maybe Aspen being the weakest. Go out and rent this today.


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