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Title: Euro Angels 12  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Euro Angels 12
138 Mins.
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Christoph Clark
THEMES: Euro babes, French men, anal sex
STARS: Laura Angel, Nancy Lee, Mari Ley, Paula Wild, Michele Morrison, Fernandez Ruana, Richard Lengin, David Perry, Christoph Clark
Reviewed by: Mars

Christoph Clark loves what he does. Making porn seems to be his lifelong dream and he''s downright giddy in almost all his movies. He''s truly excited about the women he has working for him and he manages to convey that through the camera. Often his talent responds well to his nearly drooling worship and they give good shows. Such is the case with Euro Angels 12. Excellent women with enthusiastic attitudes who fuck like champs. Plus the box says "All Anal" and this flick comes closer to fulfilling that promise than any other I''ve seen. There are some scenes where the pussy is only used to fill out a D.P. If you''re into butt-action, this flick will satiate those desires.

To begin we get Christoph telling us he''ll dispense with any stories and just get to the action. A promise he ignores almost immediately. Two girls show off a bit for the camera, one blonde, the other raven haired. Both are cute, natural Czech girls in pantyhose. They then walk the streets with their two guys and we get to see some semi-public groping and blow jobs. Fun. Back at the apartment they blow the guys and show some talent. Fernandez, the brunette, has a good tongue. After a long bit of anal fingering, the guys plunge in for some doggy style butt fucking. Nice views of that and the girls make some sexy noises. They swap around for a long time, with one girl fingering another''s ass, both getting it anal in reverse cowgirl. The only pussy action is during the D.P.s late in the game. Good scene, good action.

Paula Wild strips lasciviously for the camera. She''s a leggy brunette with a nasty-girl attitude. She writhes well, spreading herself wide and doing herself with a big dildo while in a chair. This is good solo stuff. It gets better when she plants the rubber cock on the ground and impales her ass on it. She bucks and rides intently as the two guys watch and stroke themselves. Hot stuff. And good editing, if you care. She sucks some cock as the other guy fingers her holes (with a neat Picture-in-picture of her face). The anal action begins and quickly becomes a D.P. Paula gives a good show and takes her dick in stride. Good stuff. She jerks them off into her pantyhose and then slides back in them to wander off. Nice work.

Christoph has to have a moment in the sun so the next scene is for him. He gets to lay Eniko. She''s tan, dirty blonde with a nice body, great butt and large natural tits. This is a long scene and it encompasses a lot of sexual activity. If you doubt that Christoph is genuine, just listen to him cooing over Eniko''s ass and feet. She''s a goer. She takes him on stroke for stroke in all her holes and shows it well. They D.P. with that big dildo, ATM, anal in all positions, he fucks her ass with his toe, she sucks his toes, she gives a good foot job...it''s all here. Settle in for this scene. It''s another good one and it lasts awhile.

Nancy Lee is a slender, pretty girl with slicked back hair and a great ass. Mari Ley is a bronze tanned blonde with nice tits. It''s obvious from the start that they''re going to give a good performance. They preen and pose for the camera as Christoph pants. His cock-jocks show up (apparently this is a birthday present for one of them) and Christoph practically squeals like a school-girl he''s so excited to present these minxes to his buddies. They get naked and get going. Mari and Nancy work very, very well together. While they''re getting fucked here and there they tend to be connected with each other one way or another. Like when both girls are getting pumped in the rear and Mari is fingering Nancy''s twat. See? Teamwork. It goes a long way to making this scene very hot. They both get a chance to be D.P.d and the camera gets some good footage of their facial expressions during the action. Excellent stuff.

The capper, though, is the final scene with Laura Angel. She''s a fucking stunning brunette with long straight hair, a fantastic ass, great curves, and a terrific face. Plus she wears lingerie very well. Her camera time starts with a skit of her breaking up with her boyfriend over the phone and then doing herself with a dildo. She speaks English and keeps up the dirty talk as she rides the rubber. Then out to the streets where she "meets" the ubiquitous guys and takes them to a room for more sex. She''s a nasty girl and she''s got a dirty mouth (and an excellent corset and stockings outfit). It''s great. After a brief bit of cock sucking she lays on her back to rub her clit as the guys fuck her knees. Really. They get to fingering her ass (which she seems to be into) and work up to four fingers. The anal probing begins and leads to D.P. and the views are excellent. She looks great and moves well, especially in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Very hot scene.

Overall: Looking back I see that each of my scene synopsis ends with some variation of "good scene." That should tell you something. This disc is hot. The girls are great, the guys do their jobs well and with style, Christoph works the camera with skill. I recommend it highly for anal buffs.

Extras include chapters, a fetish menu, photo gallery, filmography, a bio of Christoph, cast list, and URLs.



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