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Title: Yesterday I Was Seventeen  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Yesterday I was Seventeen
138 Mins.
Red Light District
DIRECTOR: Carlos Safado
THEMES: Brazilians, teens, daily newspapers, ID cards, anal
STARS: Dara, Cindy, Katia, Camila, Carmen, Lucimar, Troy, Carlos, Wagner, Gustavo, Marcelo, Kid Jamaica

Reviewed by: Mars

Gimmicks can be fun but can't add up to much if you only have one and don't back it up with a bit of substance. Take, for example, the porn movie Yesterday I was Seventeen. Shot in Brazil by Brazilians the movie has a simple yet clever trick. Each of the girls shows an ID (purportedly their ID) with a birthdate exactly 18 years before the date on a newspaper that is then held up to the camera as "today's paper." It could all be easily faked, but the girls are definitely young enough to pass (some seem very young indeed) and they play it well, so it doesn't matter if it's true or not. What matters is that the sex, the meat of each scene, is usually lackluster. Perhaps it's because 18 year old girls, new to porn, are not as fully comfortable with sex in general and sex in front of a camera in specific. They tend to be timid, stare blankly at the camera as if attached to it by wires, and make very little noise. Not all of them, mind you, but even the active ones are going through some pretty standard sex.

The director, however, did put the best scene right up front. Bianca and Katia show up at a house and have sex with the guy who lives there. It's Katia's 18th and they give her a cake before sucking on her very fine tits and going down on her wet pussy. Bianca is a tan skinned brunette who has a great time sucking on Katia's twat. That alone is worth watching. Katia is a lighter skinned girl with curly hair and decent cock sucking skills. The threesome works very well at the beginning and pretty well throughout. When one of the girls is getting poled the other stays in the action with tongue or hands. Katia takes it long and hard (pussy and anal) for quite some time. It actually becomes somewhat repetitious. And it's too bad since Bianca is quite a sexy screamer when she gets a chance, but it doesn't last very long. The guy explodes onto their faces to end it. And it just doesn't get better in this flick.

Dara is a brown skinned beauty with a very cute face and nice body. She's stiff and nervous and can't take her eyes off the camera. Which is not so good because she has no expression. It gets kind of creepy. She's pliable, though and does take her fucking well. There's some good reverse cowgirl views and a nice look at her fine ass in cowgirl. She also takes it up the ass but it's obviously not her favorite thing in the world. This scene would have been more boring if Dara wasn't so nice to look at. She'd make a great magazine model, because she could win silver in the just-lying-there contest.

Carmen is more of a doer. She's a bottle blonde (the drapes do NOT match the black carpet) and has a cute smile. Her body's not the greatest in porn, but her attitude is positive. She gets a bit of eating out (after getting a cake) and the pounding doggy style with hair pulling is pretty good. After that, though, it dips into mediocrity with standard fucking and pretty static positions.

Cindy is a young'un. She's skinny and coltish, a "late bloomer" who is hardly more than a girl. Her face could easily pass for less than 18 but they showed her ID... Anyway, she's reasonably eager and puts on an ok show with her cock-jock. For starters she manages to take as much of his big cock in her mouth as she can. Good effort. And then she climbs aboard that meat monster and stuffs herself without complaint. Cindy is surprisingly comfortable on the cock. It stretches her out and she can't sit all the way down, but she's not balking either. Again the camera gives us a good look at the positions (the sides fucking is pretty hot) and we get a pop shot to end it.

Lucimar is the most animated outside of the first scene girls. She's black hottie who gets over her nerves pretty fast. She has a taut and curvy body that had me wishing she was here to touch. She does a good blow job and even gives a bit of a tit fuck with her ample breasts. The reverse cowgirl is shot well, we see if from the front and from behind, showing off that perfectly toned ass of hers. Lucimar is enthusiastic, way beyond what most of the other girls on the disc are, and it helps make this scene one of the two best. Her anal action is a good time too, love that bubble butt. She really moves into that cock while he's wrecking her ass from behind. Nice stuff.

To finish we get the worst of the bunch. Camila isn't ugly. Far from it. She's a skinny wee thing with a pretty face, but she is so far removed from the action that the guy might as well be fucking a real doll. Her blow job covers about two inches of his cock and is so repetitious you might fall asleep. The action begins and her face never changes. She barely makes a sound and stays very still. Camila tolerates the anal intrusion, barely. They swap around a bit and Camila just never loosens up. It's almost sad and the cum shot is practically humiliating. Bad end.

Overall: I'm disappointed in the movie because it had some promise, especially at first. That initial scene and the one with Lucimar are the only things keeping it from a D rating. The rest were boring after the first couple of minutes. Too bad. Good looking girls, worthwhile camera work, and a fun gimmick couldn't save it.

Extras include chapter search, bad behind the scenes footage, good bonus footage of solo stuff, a photo gallery, and URLs.



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