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Title: Mansize: Soccer Boy  
Reviewer: Danny Boy  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: B
A/V Quality: n/a


Mansize: Soccer Boy
88 Mins.
THEMES: Athletes,
STARS: Ricardo Benny, Lucas Foz, Vincent Diamier, Jacob, Nando, Christiano, Ivan, Christophe Blanc, Ricky Blanc and Angelo


I won't lie, athletes make my knees week. There is nothing quite like a toned, young hard body to really make my rod pump. Watching soccer players running up and down the field is one of my favorite pastimes. Beautiful Angelo is a perfect example of how delicious a sweaty pretty boy can be. When he isn't kicking balls around the field he is in the locker room sucking them like all good soccer boys do. (Including Mr. Beckham, at least in my dreams.)

Scene 1: Angelo and Vincent

Angelo finds Vincent pumping up the ball before the game. Before long Vince is pumping his own rod while he while the handsome jock feeds him his meat. He's got a big beautiful prick that Vince wants up his ass. Angelo bends the lucky boy over and powers him between the cheeks. Vince rolls over and gets fucked hard until he cums all over her tight abs. Angelo yanks the rubber from his prick and shoots his hot cream on the well-fucked blonde.

Scene 2: Four Pretty Jocks

The whole team is practicing and one of the bored goalies breaks into a four-way fantasy. Two of the guys are really dark and good looking. The other two aren't bad either and they are all cock crazed. The three dark-haired lads put the blond up onto what appears to be a pommel horse and all work him over. What a lucky boy he is. One of them fucks his tight ass while the others stuff his mouth. He remains the center of attention until everyone cums all over the vinyl.

Scene 3: Ivan & two guys

One of the players takes a shot right in the balls and must be attended to by two very beautiful jocks. One of them kisses him as the second teammate puts his injured member between his lips. The well hung stud is happy to lie back and be sucked while doing the same for the third man. One of the dudes, Ivan if I got the ID's from the cast list right, gets on top and uses his perfectly muscled thighs to bounce up and down on a hard dick until it nearly comes up from his throat. He has a really deep ass and also tops pretty well when it is his turn. There is a good double jerk-off climax before the last guy strokes his meat while being rimmed.

Scene 4:

Even the workouts for this team become sex romps. Two very good looking boys find time in the gym to make out and stroke their cocks together. One of them is hanging upside down on a machine leaving him in the perfect position for some hot sixty-nine. One of their teammates is watching and jerking off as the boys play a little rough. I don't know how he can keep from jumping in there for some good ass-pumping action. I guess watching them shoot all over each other and then spraying his own cream all over the floor is good enough for him.

Scene 5: Christophe Blanc and a guy

Christophe has been left out of the action, but he finds a very friendly mouth when one of his teammates enters the shower area. Christophe isn't great looking, but he has great abs and a big cock. While his friend is blowing him, we cut away to a very gorgeous man in the showers lathering up his perfect body. I'm not sure who that is, but Christophe is doing one hell of a good job fucking his friend's mouth. Two guys walk in just as he is drilling the bottom's bottom, but that doesn't stop the tall horny stud. He keeps plowing as the newcomers gather their towels and head for the showers. With the mystery man still stroking in the shower, the two new guys get dirty under the hot water. Christophe and his buddy like the idea so they follow and we get a five-jock orgy in the showers. (Just like I always pictured it in gym class.) The guys take turns on their knees and bent over though only a few of them bother to get their tongues into those hard to reach regions. Three of them pull a hot little anal train that makes me wish I had worked harder on my soccer skills as a kid. The pretty boys won't take cum on their faces though and that is a bit of a downer after a really hot scene.

Don't ask me who these pretty jocks with the big cocks are. I don't know and I don't really care. They have big juicy cocks, hairless, sadly under-licked asses and really know how to work up a sweat. I love the locker room scenes and the soccer-related set ups. Some people might think that soccer players would make bad lovers since they don't use their hands, but the way these boys use their mouths there is no shortage of great ball handling.


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