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Title: Pleasures of the Flesh 7  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Pleasures of the Flesh #7
120 Mins.
New Sensations
DIRECTOR: Anthony Andrew
THEMES: Straight sex, couples friendly

STARS: Agnes, Samantha, Sevrine, Sophie Angel, Veronica, Vanessa

Reviewed by: Loomis

This is probably the best couples film I've seen in the last couple of years. While there is some pussy-to-mouth (P2M) action, it never takes a forefront to the actual sex, and it just seems like something that is not a sex act performed for the cameras. What's nice about this film is the fact that all of the performers actually seem like they are happy being where they are and doing what they are doing. No clock-watchers in this bunch, and I know that that is one of the biggest Euro-babe complaints. You'll find none of that here.

The first scene stars the fantastically beautiful Agnes. She is a brunette with such a perfect smile that I'd consider lending her my SUV, no strings attached. She blows the dude n a ladder and then turns around to put her perfect body in the optimal position for doggy. She sits down and tastes herself before taking another serious dicking in all manner of CG, including standing. God, this woman is hot. She strokes the gent off into her mouth and this is just great porn.
The second scene stars a lovely young lady named Sophie. Sophie will apparently only do herself with big grandma panties on, but it still looks really great. She looks amazing with the dude's dong in her mouth, and she seems very energetic with all of the positions. Her body is so perfect that I'd probably consider giving her all of my account numbers for a BJ. Especially if she took them Grannies panties off. The scene ends with a closed mouth facial, but that's
OK. She's still very lovely.

The third scene is a bit different, as Samantha gets eaten out prior to the fucking. After the guy went down on her and her enthusiastic response, it seemed only natural that he'd be totally ready to bone her silly. That does not stop her from doing some great P2M sucking/tit-fucking after the initial pussy workout, though. After some more vag, she fingers herself while getting a load shot all over her tits and into her open mouth. Her hand never stops, although the camera angle could have captured this better. Her post-pop footage is spectacular.
To be honest, the next two scenes are very much the same. Sevrine is a really fly brunette that finishes him off with her hand after mish, but does a great clean-up job. The last scene is with a girl called Vanessa, and she is really pretty. She does P2M like a real trooper and strokes him off all over her perfect boobs for the finale.

This is actually something that you can watch with your favorite lady friend to get her in the mood, but it has enough really hot sex and cumshots to keep any solo fan involved in the film as well.

This is just really good quality stuff, and I recommend it for both couples and fans of Euro-babes.

Good luck to you all.


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