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Title: Young & Anal 20  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: B
Male looks: C-
Sex: C-
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Young and Anal #20
95 Mins.
JM Productions
DIRECTOR: Jim Powers
THEMES: Anal sex, young girls
2000 (DVD release 2004)

STARS: Kyla Swallows, Dusty Rose, Claudia Adkins, Nadia Foster

Reviewed by: Loomis

As I've stated before, you never really know what you're going to get when a JM Production movie rolls around. It could be Ed Powers-ghetto, or it could be really enjoyable. This one ends up somewhere in between those extremes, much as the penises end up between the split cheeks of the young ladies in the film. God, I'm lame.

So the first scene is a double-team on Kyla Swallows. She's hooked up with Jay Ashley and Mark Cummings. Neither of one them packs a huge package, but she does some nice oral work on each of them as they sit on a couch. (I should mention that the theme for Y&A is indeed young girls-Kyla is playing a schoolgirl, as the rest of these broads are playing as well). Kyla even licks a little bit of man-ass before getting plugged and doing some more sucking. It moves into a DP before she willingly takes two loads into her wide-open mouth and is forced to spell the word "SEMEN" with a mouth full of the stuff. Fucking creepy, in my opinion.

Next up is Dusty, caught masturbating by her step-dad Dave Hardman (as if any young-girl film would be complete without his unsettling presence). Mr. Hardman does his speculum deal with her pussy and ass before the fucking begins. If I wanted to see a woman spread to that extent while this reject was doing the honors, I'd hang out in really low-rent gyno offices. She is forced to deal with Hardman's unimpressive dong in both of her holes, and the look on her face is not nearly as miserable as the one on mine throughout this footage. That deserves some type of award. She blows a couple of cum-bubbles after he strains to drop a tiny load into her mouth. This sucks.

Jim Powers has shot a lot of Johnny Thrust scenes over the years, and I have no idea as to why that may be. Here he is paired up with a nice-looking blonde named Nadia Foster. She outclasses him so much that I'm concerned about Jim's vision at this point. Nadia does her best to please this fella with her mouth before she is subjected to similar probing and spreading like the previous young lady in question. She does a nice job trying to keep interested, and even takes it in the bum from this bum. Her facial is adequate, but she looks ready for the baby-wipes before the scene is over. No one likes that.

The final scene has Claudia Adkins (a chick that I've been a fan of for a long time) complaining that her ass is sore because she was date-raped on the previous night. No, I didn't write that incorrectly. The lovely and talented Dave Hardman is there to ease her suffering with his tongue. Just to make sure that she feels really safe, he brings Rick Masters (a neighbor) into the situation. Is my disdain for this palpable enough? They DP her 6 ways from Sunday and she actually puts her hands up to try to block the facial.

I would've enjoyed this movie if:
I hated women or
I liked watching really creepy dudes act really creepy

If you find yourself outside of either of those categories, avoid this like the plague.


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