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Title: Muscle Penetentiary (Gay)  
Reviewer: Duffy Boy  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Overall Rating: A-
Female Looks: N/A
Male Looks: B+
Sex: B+
Plot/Acting: A-
Extras: A-
A/V Quality: A
Date: August 29, 2004
Title: Muscle Penitentiary
Production Company: Big Blue Productions
Director: Blue Blake
Cast: Jim Slade, Tony Valentino, Jake Gianelli, Jason Hawke, Carlo Cox, Chad Hunt, Ben Campezzi, Blue Blake(non-sexual)

If you are looking for young boys or twinks having sex with each other...
I suggest skipping this movie and heading straight for the Bel Ami
section, otherwise it's going to be $3.95 wasted! On the other hand, if
you like manly muscle men sucking dick and fucking ass, this is the movie for you.

While providing the viewer with interesting knowledge about prison
life, Muscle Penitentiary takes a look into our prison system and shows
every fantasy you can dream up about incarceration, communal showering
and angry cops with big night sticks.

The first scene is between the edgy tattooed Jim Slade and the "built
like a brick shit house" Jake Gianelli. Jim is the prisoner assigned to
clean the office of copman Jake and of course it doesn't take long
before Jake forces the inmate to suck the nightstick bulging between
his legs. Jim is on his knees and really knows how to work a dick.
Although Jake is a little too built for my liking, I must say when he
took his shirt off and nothing but pure muscle came pouring out, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen.

The two beginning kissing, more clothes are taken off and then Jake
bends over his desk and lets Jim clean out another crevice in the
office... his asshole. Jim spreads those muscly butt cheeks and dives in like a trooper.

Both men really seem into each other and I give a thumbs up to the
great close up shots. Jake soon returns the favor by rimming and
fingering Jim's hole right before he shoves his cock up inside of it.
Although I thought Jake would fuck with a little more vengeance, he throws a decent fuck into his bottom boy, first with Jim on his back and then doggy style. Both men have potty mouths and fill the fucking section of this scene with foul language. They work each other into a frenzy until finally the come shots arrive. Jim squirts his load first all over the desk (guess he'll have to clean it again!) and then Jake creams all over his bitches ass, asking if he likes the way it feels.

The second scene is a shower scene between Jason Hawke and new comer Ben Campezzi. Jason is loitering around the prison shower as Ben steps into it and begins lathering up his uncut stick. Blue Blake does a good job of superimposing two shots on top of each; Jason reaching inside his pants and Ben bending over to toy with his asshole. The two men kiss momentarily and then Jason commands Ben to start sucking his cock. Although this film is suppose to be Ben's intro to porn, I have the feeling he's had a lot of practice with gay sex of camera. He goes to town on Jason's prick like a pro; takes it down to the pubes and even slaps it around on his face a little. Jason then blows Ben before bending him over for a rim job. This section dragged a little for me because, for the most part, both men are quiet. Although the ass licking appears enjoyable with Jason's tongue pierced for his pleasure, there is only a grunt here or there, no nasty words or true sounds of enjoyment. Finally the fucking begins and Jason Hawke delivers perhaps the best line in porn I've heard to date. While kissing Ben from behind he utters, "Now I'm going to show you what an asshole is for". And boy does he! He fucks Ben doggy style, on his side and then on his back with his legs in the air. Ben just loves to have dick up his ass and takes it like a trooper. Both men shoot healthy wads on Ben's stomach and the scene finishes.

Next up is Carlo Cox, horse hung Chad Hunt and Jim Slade (returning as the prisoner who just can't seem to get enough). As the scene opens, Carlo and Chad already have their massive dicks out, flopping around in Jim's face. Now, although I personally think I would get a concussion from having that much meat hit the side of my face, Jim is unafraid and tries to get as much of it in his mouth as he can. And just when you think he can't take anymore, Chad is there to help him out by forcing his head down with his hand. The two cops get their dicks sucked for a while and then throw Jim's legs into the air so they can begin prepping his hole for penetration. The rim job is short, but very piggish and soon Carlo is burying his rod deep inside of Jim. Carlo pounds that hole relentlessly all the while getting egged on by the trash talking Chad Hunt who demands Carlo make Jim scream like a bitch. Then it is Chad's turn to fuck the prisoner. The camera is focused in on Jim's hole and the viewer is treated to a great close up of Chad's humongous dick sliding in for the first time. Chad has a huge set of nuts to match and if you're a size queen, you're going to love watching that cock run in and out of Jim's hungry hole. They fuck in a couple of different positions and then Jim gets double fucked by the two cops. Although Jim deserves an award for being able to fit that much dick up his ass at one time, this section of the film didn't do much for me. Due to the position they have to be in, the actors look uncomfortable throughout the entire sequence and you keep getting the same camera angle over and over. Chad and Carlo ransack Jim's hole one last
time before the three men release their man juice. Carlo is first, followed by Chad and then Jim. Each squirt a hefty load and the scene concludes.

The final scene in this film is between Ben Campezzi, who was introduced earlier, and Tony Valentino. Ben is in his cell fingering his hole, thinking back on his encounter with Jason Hawke when Tony strolls by and decides to take advantage of the situation. He makes Ben suck on his uncut tool for a bit and then fucks in the prison cell. I'm not quite sure why this scene was included in the film. The dialogue is laughable and the sex is just mediocre, not even comparable to the first three scenes. Tony comes on Ben, Ben comes on himself and the film ends.

The extras on this DVD are good and include a previews section, a photo
gallery and a behind the scenes look at the making of Muscle Penitentiary. The previews section includes numerous titles by Blue Blake and the photo gallery includes great still shots of some of the best fuck action in the film. However, for those of you who don't want their fantasy of porn ruined, I suggest not watching the behind the scenes section of the DVD. If you think your favorite star is as manly off screen as they are onscreen, you are sadly mistaken Sister Girl.


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