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Title: North Pole 47  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


North Pole #47
All Sex
100 Mins.
Northstar Associates
THEMES: Straight sex, anal, facials
STARS: Nautica Thorn, Claudia Rossi, Roxy Jezel, Kristina Blond, Lacey Duvall

Reviewed by: Loomis

Peter North has been in porn longer than some of you have been alive, and he has had sex with more women than everybody who has ever visited this site (unless Tom Byron has ever found himself here). Pete's famous for his massive loads, and this film does not disappoint in that regard. Is it a great deal for the money? That's another question. There are only five scenes, but all of the women are really quite lovely in their own ways. They did put together a diverse cast.
The first scene has the lovely Asian/Puerto Rican Nautica as the star. She starts of modeling her new bathing suit for her boyfriend before removing said gear altogether. The fellow goes down on her after paying some brief attention to her perfect tits. She rides in CG and RC after a brief oral interlude between positions. She takes it in her mouth again after doggy and really delivers a great facial performance. This woman has such a perfect package-sluttiness, beauty and an amazing body-that it's almost hard to believe she doesn't top more favorite's lists.
Euro-babe Kristina Blonde is next. She starts off by sucking Peter's long dong through the rails on a staircase before they retire to the bed for more oral. Peter North licks both of her holes before moving into some sideways screwing action. She plants his thick bone firmly in her ass in RCA, and really seems to love it. Peter finishes her off in doggy anal before blasting her beautiful face with a gigantic load. She does a good job of cleaning him off with an absolutely beautiful smile on her face.
The next scene is called "There's Something About Lacey." That's an honest statement, as that something is the fact that Lacey is really hot, black and has a perfect porn body. Joel Lawrence and some other dude show up as "chimney sweeps," the fellas arrive under the impression of inspecting her "chute." Her chutes (mouth and pussy) are both "inspected" by each guy several times during a scene that just went on a bit long, to be honest. There is no DP, and that may detract from this one a bit. She takes two good open-mouth facials at the end, but it still was too long on the whole. She's just so lovely that it's hard to take much away from her performance, though no anal or not.
Second to last is easily the worst of the bunch. Peter North is paired with a girl I've not seen before called Roxy Jezel. She looks vaguely Eastern European (or goth, who can tell anymore?) She has an average face, and this scene along with her lack of oral technique just grates on me quite a bit. (At one point she chokes enough on Pete's dong that her mascara runs. I've never seen anything quite so unsexy. It's a real boner-killer). Several boring positions follow. Peter wasn't apparently as turned off as I was by the mascara issue though, as the load that he paints her face with was absolutely massive. This is easily five loads-worth of the top male performers in the business, and that's why they sign his checks.
The last scene stars Claudia Rossi, a brunette Euro with a natural and lovely body. Alberto Rey is the lucky gent that gets to bone this babe (like you care). Alberto does some tongue-lashing on her holes, and she returns his hard work with some great-looking head. She takes it in mish, CG, and the moves on to anal CG. There is a cut and she is sitting on the floor and smoking his pole and slapping his ass in the kitchen. This good stuff, with the exception of the angle chosen for the shot. That whole under-the-nut sack thing both makes the woman look unattractive and the dude look like a moron. He does some spoon anal before busting his first nut in her mouth. Within 45 seconds, he is going off again on her spread asshole after a brief anal interlude. There is another cut and then he blasts her face with a third load. Folks, that's quite a feat.
One of the things I liked about this was the diversity of women included.
One of the things that I disliked about it was the fact that there are only five scenes (with no bonus scenes or even really decent trailers). After 46 volumes, one would think that Pete would throw in a freebie. Apparently not. DVD has spoiled the viewer, as the medium has such a monster capacity. Oh well.


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