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Title: Erotic Stories: Lovers & Cheaters  
Reviewer: Group Review  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Group Review #4 Erotic Stories
Daniel E.
Grade: B
Best Female: Aria
Best Male: The guy fucking Aria
Hottest Scene: The Visitor

Comment: The creepy Latin sounding guy in the scene "Strangers in the House" was funny as shit and so was the music during that scene. I have....What's This? A bonus scene that is hot as all fucking titty bounceing hell! This would have been the hottest scene if it had been in the film. The worst scene was "Blind Date." The music was almost as annoying as the blue color of the picture.

Grade: A
Best Female: All the actresses were pretty cute and very clean.
Best Male: The guy in the second bathtub scene with the huge cock!
Hottest Scene: 2nd Scene: Hands Down!!! Girl on girl is my favorite.

Comment: the overall quality of this movie is really good! It has been compiled carefully and there is a lot of detail/ The music isn't boring either. It spices up the action in each scene and fits in to each scene really well. There are some great one liners too. "Porno Cocks & Grudge Fucking" are awesome new terms. Each scene has interesting scenarios too! This movie was entertaining.

Mike H:
Grade: B+
Best Female: Dani
Best Male: Whatever
Hottest Scene: 2 for 1

Comment: High production value. Good if somewhat borrowed music. (Listen for the Danny Elfman soundtrack in the "Strangers in the House" scene.) Overall I enjoyed at least something in every scene with the exception of "Blind Date" which I found overly artsy and pretentious. I would recommend this film to most people. You've been great and I've been Mike. Thank you and good night.

Grade: A-
Best Female: Girl in 2nd scene .
Best Male: Small guy in 3rd scene. He had great lines.
Hottest Scene: 2nd scene.

Comment: The first scene. "Grudge Fuck You" is a great new line. Very nice usic. Not your typical porn soundtrack. Again, great sound track for all you spy fans.

Grade: A
Best Female: Dani (2 For 1)
Best Male: Mike or Mark from "The Visitor"
Hottest Scene: The Visitor

Comment: What is up with the creep gardener troll? That guy was so disgusting I almost hurled. "Blind Date" was a cool idea but it was pretty boring and too artsy-fartsy. "The Visitor" was hilarious! The husband took like two hours to shave. Comedy! The Production value was really high was a nice change.



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