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Title: Double Parked 7  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Double Parked #7
112 Mins.
THEMES: Double penetration, Euro-babes, large natural breasts, anal
STARS: Aria, Donna-Marie, Jasmine Rouge, Jordan Styles, Sarah, Barbara Summer, Sara, Joel Lawrence, Cheyne Collins, George, Robert Rosenberg, K.K., Guy, Steve Hatcher, Chris Cannon, James, Jean pallet, Titus

Reviewed by: Mars

It's always good to get what you pay for. With Double Parked #7 you get exactly what you're expecting. It's a D.P. showcase and there's not a bad scene in the bunch. Each lady is eager and able to take two poles in the nether regions and they give quite a show. The camera work is superb for porn. Nothing fancy, but there's a lot of medium and long shots that let us see the whole action, interspersed with the right amount of close in work. It's just what it needs to be and shows us everything.

Aria is the opener and she's a spitfire. A solid and lusty girl, she is in the business for the love of it. Put her together with veteran Joel Lawrence and another cock-jock and Aria ignites. She's a fine cock sucker and makes some excellent noises as they pump into her cunt and mouth. D.P. shows up soon and the view is great, with Aria splayed out to receive everything they give her. She is into it and her partners are right there with her. While they jerk off onto her face she fingers herself to a major squirt and declares "I love my fucking job." The amazing thing is that she sincerely means it. The scene is a hard act to follow, seeing as it's the best one on the disc.

But Sara and Barbara make a good show even after that first segment. They're a blonde and raven haired pair of Euro-babes. After a bit of showing off a couple of guys show up and Sara deep throats them well. Barbara rides her cock well and we get good views of it all. It soon gets to the ass fucking which eventually leads to the D.P. Each woman takes her turn sandwiched between the dicks. Whichever girl is on the sidelines does some ATM work to stay in the game. There's also a good part with the girls in 69 while getting pumped in the ass. All good things must end and this one, predictably but not unpleasantly, finishes with a couple of facials.

Donna-Marie (if only her last name was Osmond) is a red headed Brit with a filthy mouth. She fingers herself thoroughly for the camera. She really gets in there, using her fingers in both holes, and calls for cock until a pair of them show up. Her dirty talk is pretty sleazy in the hot-and-sexy way and she keeps it up. After some standard fucking and hummer work, D-M gets a D.V. Her twat is stuffed and stretched as the men fill her up for a good long while. She rides easy in reverse cowgirl anal, giving a really good show. Guess what that segues into? Right, D.P. Not so much of that, though as the initial D.V. Still good, still hot.

We get a celebrity look alike in Jordan Styles. She's got the Julia Stiles face and knows it (if her stage name is anything to go by). She's a cutie and she gets to the D.P. very quickly. It's a great ride, with her legs draped over the top guy's knees as she rocks back and forth over the two pricks. She's into it and we get some good looks. They stay in D.P. (with her facing up and then down) for quite some time before drifting into some anal and hummer action. The isn't a great variety of action but her languorous ride is sexy as hell.

Sarah is a Polish native with little English and massive natural tits. Her body's a treat. She's slender with a cute face and some of the biggest natural breasts I've seen on a girl her size. Just the lack of implants is impressive. She gets her pair of cock-jocks and takes them at both mouth and pussy for a while. It's some good action in a couple of positions and then they shift into anal. Sarah takes a huge cock to the hilt in her ass, adding to her already impressive resume. They switch into the D.P. and she is working them with ease. Face up or face down, Sarah rides D.P. nicely. It's not the most energetic scene, but her body, face, and ability to sink a cock in her ass carry the scene.

To finish off this enjoyable flick we get Jasmine Rogue, a hot blonde Euro-babe who's a bundle of energy. She's practically dancing for the camera as she fingers herself vigorously and give some great smoldering looks. She's another all-natural, large breasted woman. Jasmine's pair of studs come in and she blows them very well. From the word 'go' she's into it and never slows down. The guys respond with some fast and hard pounding as she deep throats them time and again. They stuff her with cock and soon D.P. her holes for a while. That leads into a bit of D.V. before the scene ends. More good stuff, and a good end.

Overall: There's no bad segment on this disc. The girls are all hotties, they all take their cock like pros, and they give a great show. You want good D.P.? This is it.

Extras include some behind the scenes stuff, solo scenes for the girls, a photo gallery, a cum shot loop, and URLs.



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