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Title: Rogue Adventures 15  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Rogue Adventures 15
138 Mins.
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Joey Silvera
THEMES: She-males, Brazilians, she-male on girl action, she-male on guy action
STARS: Vanity, Cintia, Domnique, Vicki Richter, Lana, Danyelle Evangelista, Julia Vidal, Cherie, Kate Frost, Some guys

Reviewed by: Mars

I have to say that the promise of a girl in every scene of a trannie movie is a major selling point for me. Rogue Adventures 15 promises and delivers just that. Each scene has at least one she-male and one genetic girl. The results are pretty good. Silvera pioneered the modern gonzo she-male porno flick and he still manages to get the prettiest and most feminine of the world's transsexuals to star in his movies. His camera style and direction, however, are a little lacking in this installment. The angles are a bit static and don't utilize the best framing. Plus some of the scenes run over-long in one position or another. Which speaks well of him just letting his talent play, but doesn't always give us the best show. Despite that (or maybe because of that hands-off directorial style) we get some very hot moments and some excellent trannie sex.

To keep things clear, I'll use "hir" and "s/he" for the she-male pronouns.

Vanity is the lead off she-male and s/he's a beauty. S/he's been a favorite for some time and hir look has only improved. We get a lot of time listening to hir talk to Joey and show off a bit of her fantastic body (great ass, pretty face). Cherie, a genetic girl, skinny but toned, shows up and they spend some time necking and groping before a bald, ripped guy appears. Cherie sucks cock very well, as does the guy. Both take turns on Vanity and it soon becomes apparent that Cherie is a dominant and the guy is definitely on the bottom. That helps keep things hot, as Cherie orders him around and demands that he suck her strap on and Vanity's cock. There are several good positions in this scene, with Cherie keeping it all moving. Both she and the guy gets fucked by Vanity, who in turn gets pounded by the two of them. The strap-on play is hot, with Vanity riding Cherie reverse cowgirl. And it ends with a trannie pop shot. Not a bad start.

Lana is another American tranny with a nice face and a boyish but good body. S/he's got sexy down even without being the most curvaceous of he-shes. S/he also has a long cock that s/he strokes and shows off for a while before Kate comes in wearing a cheerleader outfit. Kate is a pretty blonde and the two of them neck and nipple suck as they strip. Lana gets some very good oral attention from Kate, who can take a cock in the mouth like a champ, deep and wet. It lasts a long time. Eventually Kate straps one on and teases Lana's mouth before commanding hir to suck it. She tells her kneeling tranny how to take the dildo deep and that is very sexy. Kate fucks Lana's face a bit and then gets plowed mish. Good views too. They end with Lana jerking off to orgasm and Kate fingering herself. It's hot, but a bit of a let down from the dildo sucking and fucking right before.

Vicki is a gym solid she-male with a sultry look and a very nice cock. S/he's got killer legs that are probably rock hard and some good arms, hir tits, however, are not the greatest. Still sexy, though. Hir solo bit is ok and s/he's soon joined by Cherie and a guy. They tag suck Vicki's cock well, he can take it all the way, and Cherie is giving the orders again. Hot stuff. Vicki spends some time pounding Cherie, who makes some good noises as she gets poled. S/he fucks the guy too over the couch arm and then takes the girl in the ass. It ends with Vicki jerking off to a respectable cum shot. Not bad.

Joey takes us to Brazil for the final two scenes. Cinthia, Domonique and Iza are the talent for the first one. Iza is a skinny girl with a decent ass and an eager snatch. Her body, however, is outshined by the she-males. Cinthia especially, with a fucking awesome ass, curves to envy, and fantastic tits, s/he is the best formed tranny of the bunch. Domonique is just a small step down from that. The action is hot, with Iza excited and into it throughout the scene. She gets pushed around by the two trannies and can suck a cock well. Cinthia proves that s/he's got the chops for a good hummer too, and then the fucking starts. Iza gets plowed by both she-males in turn, with the other getting some oral attention at the other end. Domonique is a fast and hard fucker while Cinthia takes it a bit more slow. Good contrast. They even wreck Iza's ass (not that she's complaining) and then take a toy apiece up their holes as they jerk off, leaving Iza to lick and suck at the resulting mess. Nice.

While Cinthia may be the she-male with the best all around body, Danyele Evangelista has one of the top five tranny asses in the world. S/he's a skinny, toned gurl, but that ass is to die for. And s/he knows it. S/he shows it off to the camera and is eventually joined by Julia. Danny likes girls and spends a long time having Julia suck hir long dick. It's especially hot when s/he grabs Julia's hair and fucks her mouth vigorously (nice abs on Danny, too). The fucking begins and Danny goes after pussy with gusto. Unfortunately the camera is in a bit too close for my taste through the first couple of positions. Julia gets a turn pumping a dildo into Danny while sucking on hir cock, which is worth seeing.

Overall: Not bad at all. While there are problems with camera framing and editing (lack thereof), Silvera delivers a visual feast of tranny-flesh. The fact that all of them are good performers and love the camera is a big bonus. Solid effort.

Extras include chapter search, fetish menu, photo gallery, filmographies, cast list, and URLs.



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