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Title: Double Parked 8: Traffic Jam  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Double Parked #8 Traffic Jam
110 minutes
STARS: Selena Silver, Janet Alfano, Lisa Sparxxx, Allyson More, Luigiana, Magda Polak, and Ariana Jollee
Reviewed by: Levon (mreviewer@hotmail.com)


The first girl up is Selena Silver, a cute Australian brunette with a nice natural rack and decent body. She does a short solo masturbation till her 2 parolees show up and jumps right to a double blowjob. Selena shows good energy during her short oral with good attention to both guys with some loud suction sounds. She jumps on for a RCG, RCG DP, cowgirl, cowgirl DP, and anal mish. The scene ends with one guy pulling out and jerking off on her pussy and the other jerking off and cumming on her face and open mouth. Selena shows some great energy and takes on the DPs with no problems.

Janet is a cute blonde with a nice body and decent natural rack. They waste little time as she gets finger fucked then fucked doggie, anal spoon, anal RCG, RCG DP, cowgirl DP, a cowgirl DPP, RCG, and an anal RCG. The scene ends with one guy jerking off on her face and open mouth and Janet jerks the other guy onto her face and mouth. She gives some light post cum head to both guys. Janet is a bit passive for my tastes, but looks great in all the DPs.

Lisa is an average looking brunette with a large ass and huge natural rack. They start out with a light interview and some showing off then the parolees move in. Lisa gets eaten out and shows some average blowjob skills. You can't see much and it doesn't last too long as she gets fucked spoon, mish, anal mish, anal doggie, cowgirl, cowgirl DP, some A2M, anal RCG, RCG DP, and finally mish. The scene ends with one guy jerking off and cumming on her face and open mouth and the other pulls out and jerks off on her pussy. There are a few post cum fucks into Lisa ass. Lisa is another passive girl and the scene lacks heat.

Luigiana and Allyson start out the next scene with a nice girl/girl pairing. Both girls are average looking and have small natural tits. They fool around with each other till two paroles join in and they pair off for the time being. Luigiana shows some very weak oral as she only works on the head, but Allyson gives us some decent energy and gets at least 2/3 of her guy down her throat. Allyson gets fucked doggie, spoon, and anal spoon as Luigiana goes from mish to RCG. Luigiana gets her anal doggie and then they concentrate on Allyson as she gets a cowgirl DP and RCG DP. Luigiana gets her holes plugged next with a cowgirl DP and then RCG DP. The scene ends with each guy jerking off on the faces of each girl. There is some nice post cum head from Luigiana.

Magda is an average looking with large natural tits and thick body. Magda shows some fierce oral with excellent energy, very fast no hands, and some nice tongue work. She gets fucked doggie, anal spoon, anal mish, RCG DP, and a cowgirl DP. The scene ends with the guys jerking off and cumming on Magda's face and open mouth. She gives some post cum sucks on each guy. Magda may not be the youngest or the best looking, but she shows good energy and attitude.
Ariana is the last girl up and she isn't wasting time as she DPs herself with two dildos. The parolees jump in and she gets face fucked as she gets fucked with the dildos and four fingers up her ass. They get down to business fucking Ariana with an anal doggie, anal RCG with a massive squirt, RCG DP, cowgirl, cowgirl DP with a dildo, a triple penetration mish with 2 dildos in her ass and a guy in her pussy with a squirt, and finally a regular cowgirl DP. The scene ends with each guy jerking off on her face and open mouth. Ariana fucks like a woman possessed in this scene and brings good energy and heat to the scene.

As for bonus material you'll get an 8 minute behind the scenes section, some short solo scenes from each girl, and a cumshot reel.

Overall this is your DVD is you like DPs. The only scenes worth mentioning are Selena and Ariana. Both of these girls show some excellent energy and Ariana goes a bit crazy in her scene. I'm not sure if there is enough here from vanilla fans, but it would definitely be worth a rental.


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