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Title: Let Me Taste It 3  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: B


Let Me Taste It #3
120 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Steve Drake
THEMES: Blowjobs after penetration
STARS: Lyla Lei, Isabel Ice, Trinity James, Haley, Aspen Stevens, Alexis Taylor,
Romy Roundell, Alesha Bizart

Reviewed by: Arnon

REVIEW- I don't know about the rest of you, but I find it incredibly sexy when a girl's willing to suck her pussy juice off of your cock. This is probably because my girlfriend doesn't really like it, which I don't necessarily blame her for. It is fun to watch though. When you stop and think about it, the girls do this act in just about every porno you can imagine, so it's not an especially unique thing. The girls in this movie do do it much more than standard though, so if it's your thing to see that juice get sucked off you'll get a kick out of this. As I also say at the end of this review, if you took out the first so-so scene and the last so-so scene, you'd have a great flick. Still, check it out. I know you'll enjoy it.

The first scene stars Lyla Lei, a hot Asian girl. Unfortunately she takes on three ugly ass guys so it ruins anything that might have been good. They follow the standard multiple guy formula with nothing too special to mention.
Next up is Isabel Ice, a decent brunette but nothing special. She takes on Lee Stone, who spends plenty of time loving her body, including plenty of time spent eating her pierced clit. Then it's Isabel's turn to suck on his curved cock, which she does with enough enthusiasm to more than make up for the little she's missing the looks department. She mounts him on the couch briefly, then does her duty of sucking her juice off of him before he lubes up her asshole with plenty of spit and fucks her ass while she's on her back. She must take it in the rear quite a bit too, cause she has no problem taking most of his cock in her, and he's really big. Isabel also has a really foul mouth, which I find quite appealing. He fucks her ass for quite some time, and she does ass to mouth four or five times. A very enjoyable scene overall.
Trinity James is a blonde girl with a tight body and decent face who takes on two guys in a bedroom. Another boring formula scene, with one exception: Trinity has AWESOME enthusiasm in the bedroom, the kind that makes men willing to kill for. Every time she's sucking cock she gets so into it that she ends up gagging on it. And I mean EVERY time. Even Belladonna doesn't quite get that much into it. Trinity, I love you.
Haley is an absolutely gorgeous girl with raven black hair and an awesome body. She does a one on one with a guy in a living room setting. The guy starts off by licking her body, including a generous pussy-eating segment. Haley more than repays the favor by managing to take most of the guy's big dick into her rather petite mouth, accompanied by plenty of spit. The sex starts rcg on the couch, with an awesome view of Haley's tight pussy being fucked and her big tits flopping out of her bra. She stays in the same position at one point, but when she comes back down takes the guy's cock up her ass, where she manages to drop her entire self onto it. A few pullouts to suck him off, then they lie on their sides for a few minutes, and Haley takes a load in the mouth to finish off. A nicely done scene.
Aspen Stevens and Alexis Taylor team up to take on a guy in a living room. I don't know who either of these girls are, so I'll just refer to them as the blonde and the brunette. Both girls are very pretty, but not quite gorgeous. The brunette starts as the center of attention, spread-eagled on a loveseat, getting kissed by both of the others. The blonde drops to her knees and crawls over to her, eagerly lapping at her pussy. While this is going on the guy lies between the blonde's legs and eats her out, then moves up and starts fucking the brunette's mouth while she's still getting her cunt licked. Then it's double blowjob time, which was fun to watch as one girl is in front of him sucking him off, while the other kneels behind alternating between licking his ass and balls. The girls alternate between quite a few positions, and the girl who isn't being fucked is always right nearby ready to suck the guy off or lend a helping hand when necessary. Both of these girls have excellent energy and are extremely fun to watch. One nifty trick they pulled was both girls lying with their asses in the air, leaning against each other for support, with the camera looking down, and the guy jumping back and forth between them taking turns pounding them from above. Another very good scene.
Last up is another girl girl guy threesome, this time with Alesha and Romy, again neither of which I've ever heard of so they'll be the blonde and brunette. Whoever the brunette is has freaky hair, with a weird-looking ponytail going down past her ass. Aside from that both girls are decent looking, but this scene was formulaic. They all have good energy, but it starts with a double blowjob with the girls on their knees, which is pretty standard. When one girl's getting fucked the other's right nearby, but only to suck cock and maybe lick a nipple her and there. Though they're set up for it from time to time the girls never really go at it with each other, which to me is a waste. And this guy they're doing, though fine looking from the waist up, has the hairiest legs I've ever seen. At first I thought I was looking at a Satyr, but it turned it just to be a guy. So this scene was ok, but not as good as the middle ones due to the formulaic sex and not terribly hot people. This was a good movie, but they shouldn't have bookended it with mediocre scenes. If you replaced the first and last ones with something a little better this movie would've been a real hit. As it is though, it's still pretty damn good.


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