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Title: Daytonís Sexual Confusion  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


Dayton's Sexual Confusion
102 minutes
Cherry Boxx
DIRECTOR: Rick Davis
THEMES: Straight sex
STARS: Dayton, Jassy, Simone, Lee, Aspen Stevens, and Britney Sky

Reviewed by: Levon (mreviewer@hotmail.com)

The idea is that Dayton is having some problems in deciding if she wants to be with guys or girls. In the hopes that watching another pair will help her decision, she has her friend Jassy come over with her parolee. Jassy is a cute and pale brunette with small natural tits. Jassy gets her feet worship for a small bit till she is eaten out and finger fucked. Her oral shows average no hands work, but she keeps very shallow only really working on the head of the guy's dick. They jump to a short 69 and then Jassy hops on for a long RCG, a half mish, spoon, doggie, and finally mish. The scene ends with the guy jerking off and cumming on Jassy's chin and open mouth. I'd prefer some more energy in the scene from Jassy, but it's a good start.

Dayton's next experiment is with Simone, an average looking brunette with a nice natural rack and thin body. This girl/girl scene takes place on a pool table with nothing out of the ordinary. There is an interesting RCG from Simone on a vibrator in Dayton's mouth. Other than that you can FF this scene.

Lee is the next girl up and she is an average looking girl with a natural rack and skinny body. She starts up with her parolee showing some nice oral including some no hands work and getting about half of her guy down her throat. Dayton joins in the pair and gives a couple of sucks then lets Lee resume her work. The oral we do see from Dayton shows average energy, lots of hand work, and really only works the top 1/3 of the guy. Dayton is the first to get fucked as she hops on cowgirl and doggie. Lee gets hers mish and a nice RCG as Dayton rides the guy's face. The scene ends with the guy jerking off till he cums on both girls' tits. I was expecting more energy in this scene.

Aspen Stevens is another average looking brunette with a huge rack. Aspen and her parolee 69 and we see some average oral skills from Aspen showing some no hands, but low energy and only getting 1/3 down her throat. She moves down for a RCG, standing doggie, cowgirl, and a short mish. The scene ends with the guy running over and cumming in her open mouth which she seems to swallow but they cut away quickly. Aspen is mostly passive in this scene.

The last pair has Dayton with Britney Sky. The two are in a Jacuzzi and eventually get to work on each other. They eat out and finger fuck each other till they break out an old school pussy to pussy V grind. You can FF this scene.

Overall this is a below average DVD with 2 out of the 5 scenes girl/girl and considering Dayton is really only in 2 scenes that is kind of a bust too, since she is the cover girl and all. Unless you are a diehard fan of Dayton, leave this DVD on the rental shelves.  


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