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Title: Runaway Butts 4  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Runaway Butts #4
135 minutes
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Joey Silvera
THEMES: Light rough sex

STARS: Ashley, Paris, Rosanna de la Vega, Shanel, Tabitha, Max

Reviewed by: Levon (mreviewer@hotmail.com)

Ashley is a leggy English blonde with a small natural rack. She is paired up with two parolees who suck on her tits and finger fucks her ass and pussy. Ashley's oral shows good energy, some no hands work, and decent depth on each guy. They fuck mish, standing doggie, a good looking standing anal doggie, anal mish, cowgirl, cowgirl DP, and some A2M. The scene ends with each guy jerking off on Ashley's face and open mouth. She gives some light post cum head to each guy.

Paris and Rosanna are in the next scene which is a little of dom/sub. Rosanna is the Dom and they wrestle around for a bit and Paris gets spanked. The parolee gets involved as Paris is held down as she is face fucked and tears up as she gags down the guy's cock. Paris assumes a new position on her knees and shows average oral skills as she takes about half of the guy down her throat. Paris gets eaten out and finger fucked and then fucked mish. Rosanna takes her turn and gets a nice doggie and a very loud mish. Paris gets a standing anal doggie, an anal piledriver, and some A2M. The scene ends with Rosanna sitting on the guy's face as he gets blown and jerked off by Paris till he cums.

Shanel is a cute brunette who has agreed to get tied up in her first video shoot. Her bondage is a bunch of bungee cords tied to a storage rack. Her parolee comes in and licks and finger fucks her pussy. Shanel's oral skills are average at best showing some no hands work and getting about 1/3 down her throat. Shanel gets eaten out and finger fucked some more till the fuck mish, a standing doggie, and a RCG with some close-ups of Shanel's above average sized clit. The scene ends with the guy jerking off and cums on Shanel's face and open mouth. She gives some nice post cum head. Shanel's shows average heat for being in her first video, but is bit on the passive side.

Tabitha is a Brazilian girl with a small natural rack and good body. She models a bit in some thigh highs, bra, and panties and shows off her round ass to the camera. Her parolee enters and Tabitha shows some average oral including some no hands work, taking about of the guy down her throat, but has low energy. After getting finger fucked, Tabitha hops on for a RCG, cowgirl, mish, and a standing anal doggie. The scene ends with the guy jerking off and landing some good shots on Tabitha's face and open mouth, which she backs away from.

The last girl up is Max, a cute brunette who does some public flashing on the back of a motorcycle. She has a tight body and a nice natural rack. After some more flashing and groping, we cut to a garage with Max all oiled up with Joey Silvera feeling her up. Max's oral skills show some good no hands work, takes some face fucking, gets about of Joey down her throat, but doesn't have too much energy. After getting spit in the face twice, Joey step out and we get a new stunt dick to jump in. There is more face fucking, deep throat attempts, and some tearing up by Max, but the tables get turned a bit as Max has her feet worshipped and toes sucked. They finally get to the fucking with the parolee fucking her doggie and then Joey steps in for some of his own doggie, rims her, and then goes for an anal doggie. The parolee comes back and works an anal piledriver, some A2M, and jerks off for a weak cumshot on Max's face and open mouth. With no cleanup, we cut back to Max sucking and jerking off Joey till he cums mostly on Max's hand and tongue.

Overall this DVD starts out strong, but peters out towards the end. Ashley looks great and the second scene with Paris and Rosanna you get some good energy, but the amateurs and first timers kind of kill the momentum. Both Shanel and Max look good, but are way too passive during their scenes. Joey has put out better stuff than this so unless you are a big fan of one of the cast, skip this one.


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