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Title: L.A. Assentials  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


L.A. Assentials
MOVIE TYPE: Vignette
120 Mins.
Evolution Erotica
DIRECTOR: Paulo Banana

STARS: Vicky Vette, Ashley Long, Faith Grant, and Katja Kassin

Reviewed by: Loomis

Tom Byron, a man commonly known as "The Icon" in this business, certainly lives up to his name on this release. I was never a fan of the Extreme Associates shit that he made, but maybe I'm just some kinda schoolgirl. I doubt that, however. To be honest, the Extreme stuff was just that, the type of shit that made you feel a bit uncomfortable to watch and a bit unnecessary to own. This is the first EE film that I've seen, and I am totally impressed with it. It'd be tough to find any fault with this offering from the man in any fashion.

Apparently Vicky Vette is far older than she looks. She is paired up with Manuel Ferrara and does little to disappoint. Her great looks, blonde hair and perfect fake tits are so endearing that I could not possibly care that the chick is thirty-nine or whatever. She is tremendously sexy. She gets her holes drilled by Manuel's tongue before doing some great knob-polishing on his Coke-can sized tool. She does a great P2M after her RC ride, and is treated with a nice mish anal workout. My man Manuel gets her squirting with his fingers before the end of the scene. The real bonus to this scene is something that I've not seen for a long time-originality when it comes to the money shot. He fucks her tits and then delivers a load right onto her tongue with his cock still between those lovely mams. She does a nice job with the clean up and this is simply a great scene.
Ashley Long is the next to star in this film. Ashley is really tall; as far as I can tell, and she is exceptionally nasty-as the rest of everybody can tell. She's got dirty-blonde hair and a long and lean body. Her deep-throating skills are amazing, as she proves during her oral exam. I don't care who you are, what you do, how much money you have, etc.... you really want to fuck Ashley Long. Unless you happen to be gay. And that's fine. She asks the dude if he wants her to "taste her cream" and shockingly enough, he says "yes." Once the anal begins, she is equally amenable to tasting her own ass with more deep throat action. The fellow launches a massive load into her open mouth, but the cut is too quick to see what happens with it. I'm a big post-pop fan, but I can't hurt this scene because of it.

At the beginning of the next scene, Steve Holmes is eating a hot dog. I don't care. Eventually Faith Grant comes along (Faith is a big-boobed chick that's gained some weight since I've last seen her). I still think that she looks great, though. Steve does some box and ass licking before penetration, and all of this looks really fantastic. Faith Grant has that So-Cal look that we in the Midwest only see for money, to be perfectly honest. (Although I've never personally paid for it-I swear). That doesn't mean that it isn't sexy as hell, though. Faith does a couple of positions with good enthusiasm and then accepts Steve's fingers up her ass. She begs for his long dong after some time and is rewarded. For the money shot she takes a big one right in the kisser and does what she can to clean him off. Again, the cut is too abrupt.

The final scene is with cover girl Katja Kassin. She's never done a whole lot for me to be honest. While she is a redhead with a big round ass (and I like both of those things), I'm just not convinced that she enjoys her work all that much. She does a really nice job of doing her man with her mouth, and she seems top be getting into it. But then the fucking begins and she seems a little bit out of it. She does some P2M and then takes it up the ass. There is an interlude here where she footfucks the dudes cock with her feet while playing with her pussy that looks really nice, however. She takes a load in the mouth and the film is over. (Pretty much).

On the other hand, the Alana Evans scene as a bonus is at least as good and as nasty as anything that has been viewed previously. How comfortable is Alana with A2M-very, judging by the regularity. This is just great footage, and I do find it silly that it was not included in the initial offering. Odd, that.

All in all, this is easily something everyone should own: it's high-quality looks, its' hot sex, it's overall presentation earn top marks across the board, folks.
Buy this, people.   


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