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Title: Jada Fox Exposed  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: D-
Female looks: B
Male looks: D-
Sex: D-
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: D-
A/V Quality: B


Jada Fox Exposed
MOVIE TYPE: Compilation
102 Mins.
New Machine
THEMES: College Girls, Interracial Sex, All Girl, Rough, Domination, DP, Anal,
STARS: Jada Fox, Maxi Everson, Kelton, Victoria Style, Gyongi, Andrea, Cherry Rain
Reviewed by: Arnon


With a title like Jada Fox exposed, you'd think that the movie would be about her. For the first three scenes it is. For the last four she's not even in the movie. I'm not sure if this was a mistake or intentional, but if they did it on purpose their big mistake was putting Ed Powers into the movie. Unless he's doing the cover girl, which I would find acceptable though gross, he shouldn't even be in the credits of this movie. Plus all the scenes they used from amateur flicks like Up and Cummers and Dirty Debutantes were shot poorly with bad lighting. I'd love to see more of Jada Fox, but not like this.

The first scene is Jada taking on a guy in Up and Cummers 101. It starts off with a fantastic blowjob, with plenty of spit and cock rubbing. The fucking starts missionary on a couch, then on to doggy style. Unfortunately whoever directed it favored far away shots rather than close-ups, which is disappointing when a girl is this hot. Thankfully in the rcg you see next there's plenty of close-ups of the penetration. They finish up cowgirl and then she takes a load in the mouth. A somewhat decent scene, except the lighting was terrible and they needed more close-ups.

Next up is a scene from Up and Cummers 113, where Jada takes on Randy West, who's not looking very pretty anymore. Again it starts off with a good blowjob with Randy lying spread eagle on the bed. Jada climbs on top of him and starts bouncing up and down on his dick, then eventually turns around to give a better view. Once again the lighting in this scene is pretty piss poor. It's hard to make out any details. Then it shows Jada putting a condom on Randy, which I found rather odd since they've already had sex. I'm assuming it's just so he can come inside her, which he gladly does.

This next scene was the hottest in the movie, in my opinion. It's from Dirty Debutantes 165, though it thankfully doesn't have Ed Powers in it. It has Jada taking on Cherry Rain, a girl I first saw in a Real Sex Magazine movie. Cherry is just fantastic, with a hot little body and tons of sexual energy. The girls start off playing with a big double-headed dildo. Not using for double fucking or anything, just using it to play with each other a bit. Abandoning the dildo, Jada kneels between Cherry's legs, pulls her pussy lips apart, and starts munching. Not to be left out, Jada moves her crotch onto Cherry's face and the girls eat each other in plenty of fantastic ways. The camera people (I'm assuming one is Ed) love their close-ups, so you get plenty of clit in mouth action in this scene. Plus there's no music so you can hear every smack and lick there is to hear. When the girls grow tired of this Jada straps on a dildo and starts fucking Cherry from behind, while they both alternate between giggles and moans.

To weird things up a bit, the next scene stars Maxi Everson in a Dirty Debutantes movie. I just found that bizarre considering this is supposed to be a Jada Fox compilation movie. And the weird part is this isn't the only scene. The sickest part is that she takes on Ed Powers, whom I respect but he's still so ugly he terrifies me. This was still in his long hair, pre-weight loss stage too. They only do a couple positions, but the lighting was bad and the scene sucked. Next!

Oh goody, another Ed scene. This time it's with Kelton, a very good looking girl. It starts off right away with Ed fucking her from behind while she's going down on some other girl. It doesn't say her name, and it's not Jada. Could be Ed's other camera girl. Whoever's running the camera takes more time showing Ed fucking Kelton than showing the girls licking each other, so I immediately lost interest.

Another Ed scene from a Dirty Debutantes, this time with Victoria Style, who I don't think is that hot anyway. To terrify me right off the bat, the first shot is a first person Ed blowjob. Wow. Imagine that pasty gut hanging right there in front of his small dick. And of course he has his trademark black socks and t-shirt on. They do a couple positions and he comes, yada yada yada.

For the final scene, a clip from Global Warming #6, Mr. Powers is back, with Gyongi and Andrea. Notice how these last four scenes haven't had Jada Fox in them? Bizarre, eh? Ed takes turns doing the girls, takes turns eating them, and then they take turns sucking his small prick. Disgusting, but finally it's over. This movie started pretty good, considering it actually featured the cover girl. In fact, I'm wondering if this DVD got fucked up somehow. On the back cover it shows lots of pictures of Jada getting it on with other girls, yet these scenes aren't in this movie. How confusing, but it's going to get a low grade because of that mix up. Even if you like Jada I wouldn't watch this.



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