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Title: XXX Factor (Wicked)  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: C+
Male looks: B
Sex: C-
Plot/Acting: D-
Extras: A
A/V Quality: C+


XXX Factor
80 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Jonathan Morgan
STARS: Stephanie Swift, Julia Ann, Mason Storm, Deulah, Brad Armstrong, Evan Stone, Cheyne Collins, Eric Masterson

Reviewed by: Arnon


I'm usually a fan of Wicked, and a fan of plots in porn. However, when those plots are asinine or just plain ridiculous, I think it seriously detracts from the quality of the movie. Such was the case with XXX Factor. First off, there were condoms in EVERY scene, which just turns me off immediately. Second, the acting in these stupid plots was high school play caliber. Third, the sex was short, boring, and uneventful. Watch a Wicked movie with Jenna Jameson in it. Then you're almost guaranteed quality.

Not that the plot in this movie was even worth noting, but I'm going to describe it just to amuse myself. The premise is that Evan Stone and Stephanie Swift co-host a porn review show. Both of them have huge egos and are pricks to all the assistants helping them out. Stephanie begins by bitching out her manager on the phone about what a terrific porn star she is. In one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen in porn, Evan starts out with a through the legs from behind shot of him shaving his balls, complete with tufts falling to the floor. Wow. After bitching about tourists in his room, Mason Storm joins him as a fan, but that comes (haha) a bit later. Stephanie and Evan start their review show, where she has a blatantly bad attitude and they obviously hate each other. In between each reviewed movie the two sit and give their thoughts, where Evan always loves it and Stephanie of course hates it.

The first clip they view is really, really terrible, acting wise. Delilah, a cute but not hot blonde, takes on Eric Masterson. Delilah is about eight feet tall, and has a smoking body on her. Eric's dressed as a cowboy in a horse stall when he finds Indian Delilah hiding in the stall. She's about as far away from looking like an Indian as anyone, but it does give her an excuse to wear practically nothing and strip down quick. The acting is especially pathetic in this scene, but that's not really why you're watching, right? Delilah starts out with an awesome looking, standing blowjob with plenty of tongue action. They start fucking on a bale of hay with Delilah on her knees with plenty of good down-below shots. Then it's rcg and missionary on the same bale before she takes a load to the face. Did I mention how absolutely exquisite and perfect her tits are?

I found the next clip to be a tad disturbing. First, the guy starts off sick as a dog on the couch because he "sat on an infected toilet seat." Well, there goes any sexuality in this scene. Second, Julia Ann shows up to make him feel better. Now, any girl who's willing to fuck a guy with diphtheria or something is just not attractive. On top of that, I didn't find her that attractive. She sort of has an old look about her. And to further top it off, she's wearing this full body fishnet stocking thing with thigh high leather boots. For some that's hot, to me it's not. So right off the bat this whole scene was very unappealing. She doesn't take off the fishnets the whole time either, so it never gets any better. Julia starts off with a blowjob that's more hand than mouth. Good luck trying to not think about that dick being in the same toilet as the disease he has. They only fuck mish, doggy style, and on their sides through a hole in her fishnets before he unloads on her face. Next scene please.

They finally start reviewing a movie with Stephanie in it. I personally don't find her that attractive in the face, but she has a smoking body and looks like a great fuck. She's dressed as a nurse with Brad Armstrong as a patient in an examination room. Stephanie enters with some hot blonde, and I was getting excited about a possible threesome, but the director wouldn't want THAT to happen. No, soon it's just our hostess and Brad, where she vows that he'll fell the touch of a woman again before he dies from some weird disease. What is it with this movie and diseases? Is that hot now? Let me know if it is, readers. Stephanie strips out of her nurse outfit in one smooth motion, and being conveniently naked underneath climbs on top of Brad so he can suck her tits. She heads south, pulling his dick out from under the covers and eating and sucking it so good I was green with envy. Brad lends a hand by reaching back and playing with her clit, although there's no focus on that. This time there are only two positions: On their sides and rcg before she swallows his juice. Less plot, more fucking eh Wicked? As a final note the blowjob she gives him before he comes is Belladonna worthy, with so much spit it was hard to tell when he actually came.

Evan's so critical of Stephanie's acting prowess in her former movie that he decides to tell her about his sexual escapade with Mason Storm, which happened earlier in the movie. He strips her down, and this chick has a fine ass body. He wastes no time fingering her and eating her out, which, according to her, makes her come in about three minutes. She's more than happy to repay the favor with a hot blowjob and some tit fucking, then it's on to rcg on the couch. Once again there's only two positions, finishing with side fucking on the couch. At least this time they move around a bit instead of staying stationary. They finish with him unloading on her beautiful tits.

After getting into a fight on-set, the reviewers head back to their respective dressing rooms and find out that they've both been fired. After reconciliation the two decide to film a final scene together for the movie Stephanie's making. It plays out like all the other scenes. Stephanie gives Evan a kick ass blowjob with lots of moaning and spitting. Then they screw cowgirl, and missionary before finishing off. I was very disappointed with this movie. Aside from the condoms and terrible acting, which were out in full force, the sex just wasn't that good. Stephanie's energy helped a bit, but with only two or three positions per scene, it just bored me. Definitely not on of Wicked's finer movies.

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