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Title: Young Tight Latinas 5  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Young Tight Latinas #5
139 Mins.
Red Light District
DIRECTOR: Robbie Fischer
THEMES: Latinas, two guys on one girl, Spanish speaking
STARS: Cytherea, Eva, Haley, Ana Everjoy, Lena Julliett, Brooke Milano, Tony T., Tony Ribas, Ben English, Mark Ashley, Dick Delaware, Claudio Meloni, Michael Stefano, Lexington Steele, Pascal Saint James

Reviewed by: Mars

Young Tight Latinas #5 lives up to its title, as far as I can tell. The women (all pretty good looking) are latinas and young. They might be tight, but I'm going to have to take their word for it. So just from the words on the box you know what you're getting. Plus the action is pretty good. Mostly two guys on one girl, the talent puts on a good show and seems to have a decent time. The camera moves enough, giving us close and medium shots to appreciate the acts being performed. One complaint, though; the action from one scene to the next is almost identical. Positions and timing are very similar, just the faces change. Doesn't kill my enjoyment, but my interest ebbed a bit as the movie played on.

They start the flick with one of the cutest ladies, Brooke Milano. She's round faced, claims to be 18 (looks it) and has a good body. Her vocals are great, from dirty talk to sexy moans. Her cock-jock eats her out well, then they skip lightly over a blow job and get to the fucking. The views are good as they work their way through several positions, from a sweet pile driver to a mid-air 69. Brooke keeps up the good noise as she gets pounded and the segment lasts a while before she takes a load in the mouth. Not a bad start.

Covergirl Cytherea is next. She's a decent looker, all natural, young, and a pretty face. As with most of the girls she's a newcomer to the biz. There's a little bit of chatter before a pair of guys show up for fun. They almost immediately plug her at mouth and pussy and hardly ever let up throughout the scene. Cytherea takes it well and each combo is worth watching. Perhaps most impressive, however, is the gushing hose style squirting that she does near the end. The camera is about two feet from her pussy, a cock is stuffed into her cunt, and she still manages to drench the lens. Pretty cool.

Haley is another newcomer, she seems a bit nervous as she talks. She's also all natural (all the girls are in the flick) with substantial tits and a small butt. Her solo bit (rubbing herself and licking her own nipples) is hot and it's a shame there isn't more. Two guys come by for some tag sucking and Haley proves that her cock-sucking lips are not just for show. She gives a good hummer. The camera works the angles well when the action starts. Again they move through various positions, each with a blow job tacked on for the second guy. They plow deep in doggy style but there comes a point when Haley just seems worn out and ready to stop. They keep it up a while longer before ending with facials. Not bad, but Haley's drop in interest drops my interest in the scene.

Ana Everjoy is a tan, tall and exotic looking Mexican girl who is a porn first timer. Not only that but she claims to have only started having sex a year before. Truth is, I believe her. She's nervous but game to try taking on Lex Steele and Michael Stefano. Not a bad pair of partners to start with. The guys are consummate pros and do take it a bit easy on Ana. Lex works up to getting his tool buried in her, taking it slow and not putting it all in until she's comfortably on her knees. Ana is into it and gives a better show than most amateurs. She's a sexy girl and has a lot of potential. I hope she keeps it up, I'd watch her again.

Lena Julliett is another video first timer but practically the polar opposite of Ana. Experienced and enthusiastic, Lena gives a great show to the camera. She and her partners have a fine time and the energy is infectious. While my interest was flagging at this Lena brought me back. She's a fine cock-sucker and the fucking is good. The Latino cock-jocks pump away and she coos in Spanish. It's great to see, good to hear. They all get sweaty and stay engaged through the whole scene, making it the best on the disc.

To finish we get Eva. At first you might think she's not the prettiest flower in the pot, so to speak. Bit of a high forehead and big teeth. Her body's kicking, however, and she takes two cocks like a champ. Add to that the fact that she makes some great sex noises and moans. After some initial fucking Eva takes both rods in her cunt for some good DV action. That leads to a DP pounding. Eva stays on board, looking good as she gets all filled up. There's a reverse cowgirl anal ride that ends up as another DP and that's the way it stays until the end of the scene. Eva really runs the long race when it comes to double penetration and keeps it interesting.

Overall: While the action is similar from one scene to the next there are differences in the girls and with with what they do to their guys. Fischer was wise to put Lena and Eva at the end to bat clean up. That way the weaker scenes were sandwiched between the more interesting sequences. Not a bad piece of work.

Extras include a chapter search, a weak behind the scenes, a long bonus footage section, photos, and web info.



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