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Title: Misadventures of Miss Heidi, The  
Reviewer: Danny Boy  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: C+


The Misadventures of Miss Heidi
120 Mins
Body Shoppe
STARS: Heidi, Kai, Jake Gianelli, Carlo Cox, Chad Hunt, Ben Campezzi, Jason Hawke, Tony Valentino


What could go wrong with a little daughter of a minister from Switzerland visiting and studying for the first time in America? That is the question asked on the box. Nothing could go wrong really. At least not as far as I'm concerned. She meets some horny boys who are as into each other as they are into her and that's a very good thing. A lot of the action is straight, but there are some good looking boys who are a lot more interested in dick than Heidi seems from time to time.

Scene 1: Heidi, Kai and company.

Heidi and Kai are hanging out on campus when they are recruited for a non-nude photo shoot. Both say that they are virgins and instead of a shoot they end up on the couch with two of the regular boy models. The two "virgins" make out while the models undress and start blowing each other. They trade partners and Heidi resists a new dick in her mouth. Kai doesn't seem at all interested in head from a guy. With Heidi still resisting, one of the models takes her "virginity" while she blows Kai. The fucking is pretty weak, but the boy models are cute.

Scene 2: Heidi & Jose

Heidi gets over her first time and comes back for a shoot with Jose. She helps him get naked and then is talked into sucking his cock. Jose has a beautiful fat cock and is much better looking that his female co-star. Heidi still fucks and sucks like an amateur, but it works for Jose. He cums into his rubber and then pulls it off of his still big slab of meat.

Scene 3: Heidi, Kai & Scott

Heidi comes back with her boyfriend to get some cock. Kai and Scott are both happy to give it to her. The horny redhead is lucky to be with two such hot guys and this time she almost acts like she is happy to be there. Scott gives it to her hard from behind and then cums all over her face. For some reason the boys don't do each other in this scene and that is a real drag.

Scene 4: Heidi & Shawn

Shawn is a military guy who meets Heidi near campus. This time Heidi is all dressed for school and stays that way as she plays with Shawn's big cock. Heidi seems to be improving with each scene and likes fucking Shawn. (With a condom.) He even gets to put his thumb into her ass for a while before cumming all over her body.

Scene 5: Heidi, Kai, Duke & Sisko

Heidi is ready for three guys at once and is not at all shy any more. She starts sucking the first dick while the other two wait. Two of them fuck her in doggy, one from behind and the other in front. There isn't a lot of heat as the first guy shoots his load on her butt. One of the guys gets into missionary for some good old-fashioned fucking with a twist. The boys end up jerking off in a very weak finish to what could have been a hot scene.

Scene 6: Heidi, Jeremiah, Sisco, Kai & Rick

In the big finale Heidi takes on four guys. She is dressed in a school girl uniform and gets naked on the bed with the group of boys. Two of the boys get busy with each other while the other two spend a lot of time with Heidi. For the first time in several scenes, the bi action is really good. Heidi mostly lies there and takes it, but the guys really steal the show. No anal, but the sucking is really hot and we get to watch the boys stroke their tasty pricks while Heidi gets banged.   


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