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Title: Beast Within, The (Gay)  
Reviewer: Duffy Boy  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: B
Sex: C-
Plot/Acting: C-
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: n/a


The Beast Within

Production Co: South American Pictures

Cast: Marcelo Lagoas, Marlon Dias, Fabio Conceicao, Tadeu Farias,
Fabricio, Aquila, Victor

Huh? What? What just happened? There definitely was a plot line, but
because there were no voice overs / subtitles and everyone was speaking

Maybe if I could, I'd excuse the bad sex and stupid story, but since I
can't I'm just going to trash this attempt at getting me aroused. And
for anyone who watches this film and finds where the section for the
subtitles is, please email me and let me know. I wanna know what this
movie was about.

It starts out with four very attractive, nicely built men splashing
around together in a river. As they get in and out of the water,
teasing the viewer with their hot bodies and wet swim trunks, they
notice a beast rummaging through their tent. This is my first problem
with the film, the beast. It is nothing more than an unattractive man
wearing a gold thong and horns. He doesn't move like a beast, doesn't
sound like a beast and sure as hell doesn't look like he can fuck like
a beast. Anyhoos, one of our swimmers leaves his group to investigate
the beast's appearance. Upon finding him, he cautiously approaches him,
says who knows what, and begins letting the beast suck him off. The
cock he presents is promising, as it is fat and thick, but
unfortunately the sex begins horribly due to the beast's complete
inability to devour his feast. Oral sex doesn't last long and soon the
beast is bent over getting his ass fucked. Although the viewer is
treated to seeing that big dick slide in and out of an asshole, all shots of it are ruined because the beast does
not have a boner (is he enjoying this???). They switch positions a
couple of times and still there is no hard on from the beast. After
several minutes of non-arousing ass pumping, Mr. Big Dick pulls out and
squirts his load on the beast's back. To this, the beast turns around,
smiles and then runs off without a come shot... but of course this
should come as no surprise since he was not erect once throughout the entire scene.

In our next scene we find two more of our swimmers discussing
something, possibly the beast, or possibly the fact that George Bush is
an asshole destroying this country. Not sure what, but soon one of them
has their dick out and the other is more than happy to put it in his
mouth. Again, the penis pulled out is nice and fat, and again, the sucking is not so good.

The actors speak to each other, then move closer to their tent so some
penetration can happen. The bottom straddles the top's meat and begins
getting fucked. Their positions are hot and looking at that dick with a
nice set of big balls fuck some hole is equally hot, but the bottom's
limp penis negates any horniness you begin to feel. Our top man is
hotter than hot with a dick that can fuck for days, but because I
couldn't see that soggy noodle bounce in and out of the shot one more
time, I skipped ahead to the come shot. Bottom boy lays on his back and
delivers a poor come shot, while our top simply dribbles. YAWN and FIN!

As the swimmers leave their campsite, the beast sneaks into their trunk
and gets a free ride to civilization. Upon arriving at the new locale,
he begins to explore by walking into a house and finding a man fast
asleep. He is drawn to him and begins touching his naked flesh. The man
wakes up, possibly afraid, possibly not, us English speaking folk won't
know. But either way he begins sucking some beast cock. As a surprise
to the viewer, the beast can actually get hard and his partner loves
it, lapping up every inch of it (finally a good cock sucker!).The beast
returns the favor and sucks dick for a while before turning his partner
over and chowing down on some ass. Now, wherever the beast learned to
get fucked, it obviously isn't the same place he learned to eat ass. He
spreads those cheeks apart and gets every last inch of that hole wet
and juicy. As the beast offers his cock to his newly found fuck, the
viewer is treated to another good sloppy blow job before the fucking starts.

Although I must say the beast performs much better as a top than a
bottom, this scene falls flat because yet again we have a bottom who
cannot get stiff. There are great close ups of the penetration, but I
just couldn't enjoy it because it appeared as though the bottom wasn't.
The beast comes on the bottom's face and then the bottom delivers a
reasonable squirt.

The last scene is between a young looking man and a hot tattooed muscle
daddy. With youth on our side and those masculine tattoos, I was
gearing up for some hot fuck action, but as soon as the dick sucking
began, I new it just wasn't meant to be so. The young boy has a nice
cock to suck on, but unfortunately his friend needs some serious
lessons. Luckily we don't have to watch him attempt for very long
before he squats his booty down on that cock and the ass fucking
begins. Now, so I don't repeat myself yet again and sound like a
fucking broken record, here's the rest of this scene; butt fucking, no
boner, switch positions, no boner, more humping, no boner, switch
positions one last time and then a very, very sad come shot performed
by the top. Shit, I think I came more when I was 8 years old and still shooting blanks!!! YAWN and FIN once again.

And as for the extras, those were nothing to write home about either.
There is your typical photo gallery that contains still shots of this
film and others by this studio. Then for your viewing pleasure, there
is a bonus scene! I started to watch it, but immediately stopped
watching when... need I even say what happened!?!? Advice to the
viewers, turn it off, put it back in its case and return it to the porn
shop you rented it from. My apologies if you bought it.


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