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Title: Gambler's Delight (Gay)  
Reviewer: Duffy Boy  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: A
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C-
Extras: B
A/V Quality: n/a


Gambler's Delight.

Title: Gambler's Delight

Production Company: Private Man

Director: Esteban Rey

Cast: Adam, Antony, Fantazi, Ferenc, Gabot, John, Laczko, Lulu, Norbert, Peter, Sandor

Gambler's Delight, my first introduction to Private Man productions,
can be summed up in two words... BIG and HARD! BIG uncut sloppy dodes
and HARD bodies. If you like hunky Hungarian men slapping their big fat
uncut cocks on other hunky Hungarian men, then I highly recommend renting this flic.

The loosely executed plot (see rating above and my complaints below)
follows a group of young men who are obsessed with gambling, drinking
and fucking. In between each hand of cards they are running off to
pound some ass and squirt their spunk on each other.

The first scene is a three way between Adam, Norbert and Laczko. All
three of the men are good looking and nicely built. The kissing, nipple
licking and groping goes on for a little longer than I like, but when
the cocks come out to play, its well worth the wait. Adam and Norbert
are both well endowed and know how to keep it rock hard while Laczko
pleases them both orally. His blow jobs need a little work, but his ass
takes it like a pro as Norbert shoves his cock deep inside his hole.
There are some really nice close ups, giving the viewer great shots of
the penetration, before sexual positions change. Norbert sucks on
Adam's rod while Laczko cleans Norbert's hole and jacks him off from
behind. Again there are some really nice close ups of the action and
all of the actors seem to be enjoying themselves. Now it's time for
Norbert to get his ass plugged and it's Adam who does the honors. This
portion of the film is particularly hot to watch. Adam's big dick
glides nicely in and out of

Norbert's ass, all the while keeping his own dick hard as a rock and
inside Laczko's mouth. Norbert's ass is hungry and Adam is more than
happy to feed it. They change positions again and now Adam's hot cock
finds a happy home in Laczko's chute. They fuck like rabbits until the
three men delivery mediocre cum shots. For as hot as the fucking was
and as hard as their cocks were, I expected much bigger squirts.

The second fuck scene is between Ferenc and Fantazi. Again the kissing
and groping goes on too long for my liking, but finally Ferenc pulls
out his huge meat and offers it to Fantazi for a little sucky.
Unfortunately Fantazi doesn't know how suck a mean dick and goes a
little spastic from time to time, ruining the beautiful image of
Ferenc's monster cock onscreen begging for someone good to suck it. We
then find Fantazi on his back and Ferenc burying his face into his
crack. Ferenc licks his hole diligently and Fantazi appears to be
enjoying himself as he strokes his thick uncut stick. Finally the
fucking begins. Ferenc first sits on Fantazi, doing all the work, then
lays on his back and takes it like a good little bottom. The viewer is
treated to another round of good penetration close ups and Ferenc is
able to keep that slab of meat hard throughout the whole ordeal. The
scene ends with Ferenc sucking off Fantazi until he comes and then
spooging himself. Yet again I was disappointed by each man's come shot. With how into the scene they appear, their
come says otherwise.

The third scene starts with Peter and Lulu (not the English singer
Lulu) looking at the motor of a car. And because the motor of a car
turns on all of us gay boys, the two start kissing and working each other's clothes off.

Lulu is perfectly built and you just can't wait for his clothes to get
ripped off. Finally they're off and exposed is a nicely sized dick with
huge shaven balls. Peter seems to enjoy this site as much as I did
because he starts working that shaft like uncut cock is going out of
style. Lulu appreciates the sucking and shows his gratitude by working
his tongue in and out of Peter's canal. Antony, another mechanic on
duty, wants in on the action and comes out playing with himself. Peter
and Lulu, who have already begun screwing, welcome their new fuck pals
appearance and gladly let him in on the action. Lulu is filling Peter's
ass and Peter is filling his other end compliments of Antony. Lulu's
dick pounds relentlessly into Peter and because of the awesome close

I had to stop myself from licking the TV screen and wishing that I
was actually there to taste their fuck juice. They switch positions and
then it is Antony's turn on Peter, doggy style. He fucks like a trooper
while Lulu forces Peter to swallow his cock. This visual is nice, but
definitely not as nice as what comes next. The men switch positions
again and we find them all on their sides in a daisy chain. Cock, balls and assholes EVERYWHERE!

(Just what I needed on a Sunday afternoon). Every hump is pure man
fucking and all three of them seemed to want more. The come shot is
traditional, Peter, the bottom, sucks off both men that fucked him and gets comed on.

But fortunately for the viewer, these come shots are much hotter than
the previous. Antony squirts like a true star, Lulu comes a decent
amount but looks so fucking hot doing it that we forgive him for not
shooting, and Peter finishes it off with a good squirt of his own from
his everlasting rock hard cock.

The final sex scene involves Gabor, John and Sandor. The three start
kissing, but fortunately for the viewer dicks are pulled out rather
quickly and the real fun begins. John squats down and pleasures both
Gabor and Sandor. Attempting to stick as much cock into his mouth as
possible. Both men are well endowed and they finally have enough of
John just sucking them off. We soon find our bottom on all fours getting stuffed from both ends.

Gabor and Sandor take their turns fucking John and although both men
are well endowed and know how to fuck, John's inability to keep his
dick hard and look like he's enjoying getting plugged makes the scene
fall flat. The three shoot their wad and the scene ends.

The sex in this film, for the most part, was hot and I enjoyed that aspect.

My only gripe about Gambler's Delight is the poorly sought through plot
and the horrific voice overs. Now granted, I know I'm watching porn and
not screeners for The Academy, but at no point during this flic did I
comprehend its plot. I absolutely have no idea what the correlation was
between these men gambling, drinking, and fucking. The non-sexual
scenes in which the actors gamble, lose and then look for other
addicted gamblers to play with are downright hilarious and completely
break up the continuity of my boner. If you watch porn through its
entirety for plot and storylines, fast forward!

The extras on this DVD are nice and generally easy to navigate through.
There is a cast section, a photo book and previews for other titles.
Don't skip the photo book, especially if you liked a particular shot in
this movie. There are several photos of those great close ups you see
throughout the film!



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