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Title: Nasty Girls 23  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: n/a
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Nasty Girls #24
118 Mins.
Anabolic Digital
DIRECTOR: Buffy Malibu
THEMES: All-girl
STARS: Luna, Brittany Blue, Adriana Sage, April, Aurora Snow, Sharon Wild, Shelbee Myne, Grace Harlow, Rumica Powers, Kami, Mina, Rachel
Reviewed by: Mars

Buffy Malibu has a formula. It's not particularly complicated but it certainly can be effective. She films girl/girl action and seems to let the women have pretty free rein. There's obviously some direction but for the most part Buffy just winds them up and lets them go. In Nasty Girls #24 we get five scenes of this. And a couple of them stand out.

The best segment is the first one. Starring a threesome of Adriana, April and the goth-ish first timer Rachel. They're all lean girls with good tone to their bodies. April has a fine ass and knows what she wants. She takes charge of the other two and tells them what to do to her (and each other) as the scene progresses. The girls respond well and the scene is very hot. They group up in various face-sitting/pussy licking positions and make lots of alluring sex noises as they grind. It lasts a while and wraps up with some good double-dildo riding and vibe fucking. The girls work it and start things off right.

A pair of dirty blondes, Aurora and Kami, get together for the next bit. They don't generate as much friction as the last scene until the end. Aurora is a cutie and fun to watch as Kami spends a lot of time eating her and using a knobbly toy. It's mellow and staid for the most part, but the toy helps get Aurora groaning. When it's Kami's turn it's more of the same until she's kneeling on the floor. Aurora uses a dildo and vibe on her and Kami stuff's her ass with a plug. Once she's all filled up she gets into it and makes her way to a pretty orgasm. Good ending, slow burn.

Shelbee, a bottle red head with decent implants, and Sharon, a Euro babe, take a roll for the next scene. Again it's pretty laid back. Shelbee does a good job eating Sharon's box, but it's not the most dynamic muff dive ever. They swap and Sharon puts her tongue to good use on Shelbee's nethers. It winds up to a dildo ass-fucking that leads to Shelbee's shaking orgasm. Nice climax and a decent build up.

Luna and Brittany are almost matching brunettes. Both pretty and petite, they get some good chemistry going and it lights a bit of spark under their action. It takes a bit to warm up, Brittany flicks her tongue along Luna's cunt for a long time, not doing much. Luna returns the favor and Brit gives a good grind. The scene gets good when Brittany tosses Luna's salad and Luna finds out that she really, really likes it. The surprise on her face is evident and that cranks up the heat. After getting her fill, Brittany asks Luna to use her tit to rub her clit. The results are good and worth seeing. The sound track gets off kilter, but it doesn't stop the pussy grind from being wild and hot. The girls really ride each other's crotches as they wiggle and it makes for a good ending. Nice stuff.

To end we get a trio of Euro babes. Mina, a blonde with a large natural rack, Rumica and Grace, both with big bolt ons. They all have an older, yet very fit, look to them which is sexy as hell. The action isn't bad, though not as frenetic as the other threesome. They get into several interesting combinations and keep it pretty sexy as they screw. Mina is a pussy licker, she loves the girls, and we get to see her talents. The other two aren't far behind and the end result is a good scene.

Overall: Better than average. You get several good scenes and the ones that are slow aren't awful. Pretty girls doing each other and decent views of the action.

Extras include a chapter search, photo gallery, URLs, and 20 trailers on Side B.



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