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Title: Epic Global Orgies  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Epic Global Orgies

Kid Cocky TM

Time- 2 hours +
Company- David Luger Productions
Director- David Luger
Cast- BJackie, Janet, TEra, Julie, Leyla, and Brittney

I haven't seen something this hot since I spilled lighter fluid on my lap and somebody lit a match! This porn truly is what other porn should use as a measuring stick. The film consists of two orgies. Each orgy could certainly be a movie of its own. With nearly two dozen total participants, David Luger outdoes himself with this porno of epic proportions.
Scene one takes place in Los Angeles. Away from your normal warehouse setting, this movie scene takes place in a beautiful home in the hills of Cali. In this scene, we get to see some amazing penetrations performed on Brittney and Leyla (among others). Brittney quickly warms up to her male suitors by taking a DP with great ease. Then, without a blink of an eye, she is taking them double anal. Of course double anal is one of the most risky forms of intercourse in the adult industry, so I am not suggesting that it be done often, but it is amazing to see. Brittney takes both dicks into her brown hole, and she seems to enjoy it. That's amazing to me because this little blonde seems to have a Rubbermade ass. These guys stretch the hell out of it, but it just returns to original form without looking like it has taken in any damage.
Leyla, a sweet little asian teen, takes a double vaginal penetration in the LA portion of the gang bang as well. You can tell though that the double vag penetration doesn't bode well for her. She quickly asks the guys to pull one of the dicks out of her cooter and happily accepts a regular DP.
The LA scene has mostly white chicks, but there is a black beauty and an asian princess to fill the bill. They are fucked by white guys with a couple of black fellows. In Prague, there are only white chicks, but there is a mix of white and dark prick for these babes to munch on.
If you buy this movie, you will get your money's worth. My girlfriend and I have already watched it on several occasions. Each time it has resulted in some good hardcore sex. Somehow this movie is extremely hardcore, yet it still is something you can show to the girlfriend. There's no slapping, no choking, no piss mops... so the little lady will be happy. However, there is great anal, lots of fucking, and a ton of sucking! Great show Mr Luger, great show!
Kid Cocky


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