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Title: Foot Fucking Freaks  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: B


Foot Fucking Freaks

Kid Cocky TM

Time- 4 hours
Company- Pure Filth Productions
Director- Unlisted
Cast- Brittney Skye, Petra, Dannca, Cherie, Mina, Morgan Taylor, Mercedaz Ashley, and more

Before I review a foot film, I always state that foot fucking just isn't my thing. However, I am willing to give a fair review to this film. Scene one stars Dannaca Grey (AKA Dannaka and Danaca Gray) and an unnamed porno dude. Dannaca lives in Las Vegas. This five foot six inch starlet has nice black hair, large (painful looking) fake tits, and a slender physique. The most entertaining aspect of this scene was seeing Dannaca's huge fake melons swing while she took it doggie style. In the industry today, many women have small saline filled breasts, so seeing the throwback early 90's silicone jugs is a fun thing for me. Seeing Dannaca get her feet sucked like a cock is a little disturbing though, but the impending footjob seems like it would be pleasureful. From there we only get strait intercourse until the dude cums on her feet. Dannaca then kinkily licks the cum off of her own feet and says goodbye to the camera. This is a slightly better than average scene.
We get the same dude with a new chick. I have seen him in some foot fucking films before, but I can't recall his name. If I am not mistaken, he is a director. Since he seems to be the male star of this video, I don't doubt that he is the director here. He sucks on this brunette's feet for about thirty seconds. Then he tells her how he likes dirty feet. I don't recognize this girl, so I am guessing that she has only done a few films. Since this is filmed in Vegas, she is probably a local stripper or prostitute. Without any bios in the extra features, and the non descriptive box cover, I am unable to give you a name. She sucks him off for a few minutes before they do it cowgirl style. There is nothing too amazing so far. She has a few tattoos, she's a thick girl, and she has small tits. They do a couple positions. He sucks her toes, and she shows off her clit ring. There's nothing too special here as he cums in her mouth and the camera fades to black. A below average scene.
Here's the good part of this movie. We are only on scene three, we are 42 minutes into the movie, but the DVD is not even a quarter done! Unfortunately we get the same dude throughout the movie. I remember it now, the dude was in Foot Traffic 3. I think his name is Mark Wood. How can you forget a name like that? Anyway, in a later scene he fucks Mina. Mina was in Foot Traffic 3. She is a good looking girl with big tits. Mina also goes by Zora Banks. She's been in Ass in the Air 2, Leatherbound Dykes from Hell 21, Mr Beaver Checks In #2, and Hot Bods and Tailpipe #18.
Mark Wood cracks me up. In a couple scenes he really gets into smelling and tasting women's dirty feet. He reminds me of a dude who was in the paper a couple years back who was arrested for breaking into dozens of women's houses and stealing their socks. In one scene he plays a shoe salesman who seduces a girl into letting him jack off onto her feet. That's a request you rarely hear from anybody in the service industry, but I guess if anyone were to do it, then it would have to be a shoe salesman. I'm sure Al Bundy never had a fetish like this!
Kid Cocky
"Sometime shit happens, and who you gunna call!"


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