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Title: Wives Gone Black  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Wives Gone Black
95 Mins.
Sensational Video
THEMES: Interracial sex, group sex
STARS: Merissa, Egypt, Nicole, Lisa Sparxxx, J. Monty, Boz, H.J.

Reviewed by: Mars


It's always nice to see a porn flick hit the target when it comes to title vs. content. With a name like Wives Gone Black you should have a good idea of what to expect. Sensational Video goes a bit further than most and has actresses that you can believe are somebody's wife. They're all sexy women, but they don't fit the plastic coated, fake tit, liposuction stereotype of a porn starlet. They're women with real curves and natural breasts, and it works out great. Add to that the fact that most of them are having a good time getting screwed silly and we've got a decent disc.

We start with Merissa, a brunette with a good body playing at being the bored, unfulfilled housewife. She complains about her sex life until the cock jock takes over and goes down on her. Merissa follows suit with a fine blow job; hot, wet, and enthusiastic. The dirty talk is constant and a welcome addition, they keep the chatter going and it stokes the fires. She gets fingered until she squirts early on and from that point forward, it's just balls-outs fucking. Merissa is into it and lets us know with her vocalizations. They swap positions several times and stay in each for a while. The whole scene is energetic and keeps the heat high throughout.

Egypt is, despite her name, a very pale girl with large natural tits and another can-do attitude. She's excited to get sexed up and it starts with her guy doing a bit of foot worship. The lighting, unfortunately, is awful in this scene. It is way too bright, washing out most of the picture. Against Egypt's pale skin, the light practically wipes out any definition. Not cool, but there's a lot to like about this segment. After some good pussy sucking, they get to the fucking and again it's obvious that they're found a lady who's a very willing partner. She's also a girl with some meat on her but still terribly sexy. There's a great bit of cowgirl action with Egypt leaning back and letting her titties bounce away. She's also a talker and that adds to the good time. The action ends with a pop shot on her feet, which she then licks clean.

Nicole is a Euro-babe. She's looking like a housewife who's got nothing to do but ride the exer-cycle and do aerobics. As a result she's very well toned and solid. The scene throws her right to the wolves, three of them, and it makes her very nervous. This is not good. Nicole seems like she'd be able to deal with three men at once, but they're loud exuberance and driving thrusts throw her off her game and she's off track. It's almost disturbing, almost hurtful, but every time she's distressed there's an edit and a position change. It seems to indicate that they've backed off and are trying something new, something that will hopefully make Nicole more comfortable with the situation. It never works. Finally, it's just Nicole and one guy. That does it and she's back in the game. Smiling now, Nicole gets eaten well and fucked nicely. There's some great doggy style with a bit of hair pulling and some excellent mish action on top of a dresser. So after a rocky start the scene is mostly salvaged, I just could've done without seeing her gag on a cock until she nearly pukes. That just wasn't sexy.

To wrap up we get Lisa Sparxxx. She's a good looking blonde with large, hanging tits and a good body. There are two guys hooking up with her and she's a bit more able to handle the multiple partners than Nicole was. There are still a couple of rough points, but mostly that has to do with the massive tool that one of them has. The fucking isn't bad, though it isn't the most ribald and raunchy. The guys typically stay at either end of her and swap places now and then to mix it up. The doggy style is odd, in that it's hard to tell if the expression on her face is one of intensity or pain. Either way, she takes it and ends the disc with a double pop shot.

Overall: This is a good disc. While the production value is not the highest we get some seriously enthusiastic performers and some very good action. There were bad patches but they mostly got resolved. Good stuff.

Extras include a chapter search, slideshow, three trailers, and company info.



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